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  1. I’m looking for a new tv with 120hz 4K for PS5, would also like 120hz 1080p for PC use with my 2080. I have read that IPS is bad, but would it be so bad if I don’t watch/game with the lights off? I’m trying to find a good deal on a tv, it’s currently $799, which is the cheapest I’ve seen an HDMI 2.1 tv so far.
  2. The power cord for my computer is labeled as 300v, my PSU is 850w, I know it won’t use the max all the time, but what max am I looking at? I’m trying to power my pc off of 1 15 amp outlet that also has a tv (1amp), Cable box (3amp), modem (1amp) and router (1amp) on it, but I’m not wanting to trip the breaker in the trailer I’m temporarily living in.
  3. My GPU is a 2080 Super and I have 16GB of RAM. As far as I’m aware the reason the GPU is hotter is because it is a blower model card.
  4. I have an Alienware Aurora R9 with an air cooled i7 9700 and my temps while gaming are... acceptable at momentary spikes of 80c max. However while tinkering with settings I found an option called power mode, with the options of “Balanced” “High-Performance” and “Power Saver”. Curious, I turned it onto high performance and ran the RDR2 benchmark (what I use for temp checking besides regular gaming) and the temp was 85c at max with no change in FPS. I then enabled power saver and ran the benchmark again. Once again, the fps results were the same at the “Balanced” graphics preset at 4K, but the
  5. I see. I got it to a more reasonable peak of 80-85c when gaming (I haven’t ran Cinebench again, but this is on loading screens where the temp spikes, then settles down to 65-75c during actual gameplay where I assumed that was mostly safe and fine, especially since I’ve seen some folks say the 9700 runs hot.) edit: for clarification this is on a desktop I bought, not a laptop.
  6. I’m kind of a cpu noob, I know more about GPUs and less about thermals than either, so I was messing around with fan curves on a computer I bought at Best Buy back in 2019 and decided to run Cinebench as a test a couple of times, the first one peaked at 95c and the second 93. I got the fan curve fixed to where it’ll peak in the mid 80s now, but would having those previous temps for the time it took to run Cinebench on an i7 9700(non K) be cause for worry on the integrity of the cpu?
  7. There’s roughly a $200 price difference between these CPUs, and I know pretty much nothing about the AMD other than it has 12c/24t to the 9700k 8c/8t Would the 3900x be a better buy for 1080/1440p with a 2070 super?
  8. It’s up to 4K but I’ll be using it variably depending on how things run, some games at 1080, some at 4K. But yes, it is 60hz. my current pc is an Ultra Small Form Factor with a 4690T and a 750TI, 8GB of RAM. given I don’t see a reason to reuse any of the parts from the og pc because I want to use it connected to a 900p monitor for general use, my budget is $1800 USD
  9. I don’t really much understand bottlenecking, but I’d be running at 1080p. I plugged it into bottleneck calculator and got 27%, which seems pretty high...
  10. Would the VII be more future proof as things require more VRAM? I’m probably going to be playing at 1440p (on a 4K display) but I might also try 4K
  11. I’m trying to choose between the two, with the Radeon being the more expensive option by a couple hundred. Will its 16GB VRAM be better than the 2070S’s 8GB? I don’t know that much about AMD gpus.
  12. Um, thanks for the recommendation but I was referring to digital players, not amps by themselves.
  13. I’m looking at the Hiby R3, FIIO M6, And Sony a45. I’d like ldac, since I have a 1000xm3. I also have a DT770 and HD569, but I may get harder to drive headphones in the future. Which would drive my headphones the best? Which has best UI? edit because I said DAC instead of DAP in the title