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  1. Ah, no I mean how the volume affects the power level the Jack puts out. 1v or so is apparently the max, at max, but I’m trying to figure out how it scales. I.e. how much it’s drawing at the volume I’m using, to calculate the decibels it can output at that volume. I have hyperacusis so everything sounds super loud and I’m paranoid, but the next step down I can’t hear any instruments at all, jus the dialogue/lyrics.
  2. I found these values for an iPod touch 5th Gen, mine is a 6, presuming they’re max? Used a calculator I found online and got a max volume for my 560S (120 ohm, 110db/Vrms) of 115db. Which is all well and good, but I don’t listen anywhere near max. I listen at about 18% (3/16 clicks in the volume bar), and I’m not using an amp. However, I’d still like to know what the decibels are for that level, so I’m wondering if anyone knows how the volume level affects the power drawn. Load 0 DBFS @ 1 kHz 200 kΩ
  3. I’m not gonna be using them for critical listening, so I don’t need true neutrality. Just wasn’t a huge fan of the bass bleed on the 559. Given they’re the same price new I’ll probably just pick up the 560S and call it a day. Do they use the same twist and lock connectors as the 559/569? I have a few of those already, would likely want the shorter cable.
  4. I’ve never much looked at frequency graphs, so excuse the probably noob question, but is that treble peak sibilant/harsh in the 560S? also is it possible to drive them off of an iPod or motherboard with the more than double impedance of the 599?
  5. I suppose it isn’t too bassy, but more so... muffled and muddy? I felt like the bass was overpowering the mids and drowning out some vocals on bassier songs. Bleeding into, I think is the term?
  6. They’re both $200. I know the 560S has 120 Ohms vs the 50 of the 599, but according to what I’ve seen online you should still be able to drive them with a phone or controller Jack okay.
  7. Mainly wondering how they’d compare in sound quality to the X2HR then. I’ll be running them off of an iPod, so it isn’t the best source. I’ve seen reviews that call the 559 muddy. nowhere near me sells them or has a demo, so I gotta get them from online sellers
  8. I already have an X2HR, but I’m not sure if those are better, and they’re a little clampy on my glasses and the small... I’m not really sure what it’s called, that small bone bit behind your ear, I feel them there as well.
  9. I have a 569 I quite like, and am looking to dip into open backs. I’ve heard some people say 559 is good and some say it’s sh*t. Worth the $100 if I’m gonna use it out of an iPod, pc mobo 3.5mm, Switch, or DS4?
  10. I have spectrum internet, which doesn’t have a data cap right now (so no issue) but they will apparently be instituted later in the year. As someone who lived with satellite internet for 5 years, i well know how sh*t Data Caps are but my only other option for ISP is DSL... with a 1TB cap. So my question is, would the Game be worth it in the case I couldn’t play it with data streaming?
  11. I’m looking for something I could use stock because I once swapped a pair of pads on M50X headphones and never want to do that again because it was ridiculously hard due to having fine motor skill problems.
  12. DualShock 4, the controller for the PlayStation 4 console.
  13. DT990s are outside my budget anyway, and wouldn’t work with a DS4 un-amped which is going to be one of my primary use cases.
  14. Apparently the 9500 is 20-25mm deep (angled?) so if the 9600 is deeper than that they are in fact deeper than the DT770 at 22mm. Might spend the extra $20 or so on the 9600.
  15. I’ve heard the SHP 9500 are shallow in a few reviews, namely “The ear pads have huge openings, and they’re covered in a weird sort of moisture-wicking fabric not unlike “performance” athletic shirts. Not as good as the fabric on the Steelseries Arctis, but still okay. The depth is a bit shallow, so your ears may gently touch the insides of the cups, but everything is nicely padded in there”