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  1. Note, I only talk like that about the Xbone and Pisspoor. All other consoles are just fine. Oh and the Xbone and Pisspoor have no merits over previous generations when you actually have a hard look at them. Considering with the newer hardware more limitations were introduced.


    Consoles lost their good merits when they actually started costing the same or more than an equal PC. My $1800 rig from 2001 (after upgrades from its Riva TNT2 and Pentium III 667) played games far worse than the Original Xbox (which I bought for $450) at the same resolution.



    Still takes away any possible argument that you might have had....Its not cool, intelligent or makes you sound like it......Just say that you dislike the Xbox instead of some really stupid names...


    Its the same with politics. "Libtards" "Teabaggers" etc etc etc


    Takes away from any intelligent discussion being had. 

  2. I wasn't actually arguing with him, just stating the facts and barely skimming what was said. Consoles have their place-and the Pisspoor and Xbone don't fit that place as well as last gen consoles (though this generation is far from "next gen", the PS2, Xbox and Gamecube were truly next gen when they launched) while also being shit.


    Please just stop with the pisspoor, xbone, fagbox bullshit!


    Argue the damned merits and stop acting like children....





    Only when someone find out how to jail break it, so you can run full Windows 10 on it since it is practically PC hardware anyway, and would make a decent living room PC.

    No...makes no sense...especially with the current generation of consoles. You can buy cheaper hardware for the same price...:Why convert a console if you can buy the hardware yourself. 
  3. I hate the design...almost with a intense passion!




    Damn, this is the monitor I've been waiting for. 1440p, 100% sRGB, 144Hz+, IPS, G-Sync. What more could you want?  Hopefully it comes into stock soon.

    Something that doesn't has a ugly blinking eye on it?
    Ohhh, but look at the leds.








    That might be the worst false advertising ive ever seen.

  4. I really like my Logitech MX Master

    My keyboard is the K95

    Everything about it is perfect except the white LEDs dying


    Completely agree! Just got mine;)


    My cousin has exactly the same model and its just the best keyboard i ever used. 



    Razer for me even tho many seem to hate them due to quality.

    My Tarantula keyboard is 9 years old and still functioning and ruined me when it comes to prefer laptop like low keys, on normal keyboards I just don't seem to press the key far enough down...  :P

    Also the Copperhead mouse ruined me liking any bigger mouse, I prefer the smaller mouses on a insanely high DPI setting to do my stuff... I currently use a Razer Imperator since the Copperhead is not sold anymore and I needed quite some time to adjust to it's bigger size.

    Yes...we are so weird with how we care about non important things like "Quality"
  5. Hmm I would imagine that its one of the least rare phobias. Everybody is afraid of dying.


    I feel pretty opposite in terms of your fear of caskets and funerals. They kinda provide me with peace. Funerals are an important part of letting go of your sorrow. I always feel much better after a funeral despite being an atheist. 



    Necrophobia or the fear of dead things (usually dead animals/humans) is probably not all that common. Usually people experience more disgust when confronted with corpses than they do fear.

    I guess there is some rational to being affraid of dead things. It reminds us of our biological destiny. It reminds us that we will all end up as inanimate piles of matter in the end.

    We will no longer have a personality and no longer have the cognitive abilities that made us. 


    Thanatophobia or the fear of death is probably way more common than necrophobia. 

    Most people fear the void in the end, and most people can't really wrap their head around non-existence as a concept and that probably scares us. 

    This is probably also why the vast majority of people in this world holds to beliefs that involves some sort of afterlife. 

    When we are confronted with our own mortality we simply make up stories, that will have us live forever.


    Personally, I'm quite the opposite you @KarateHottie93. I have a borderline unhealthy obsession with death. 

    I have a bunch of taxidermied animals, animals in glass cages and I even own a human skull. I just have a very mordbid curiosity.

    My musical career has also revolved around death metal, so most of the song I have written have been pure snuff movie material. 

    I have also been very close to dying a couple of times, so I know that death feels like nothing. When your heart slows down, you don't feel a thing.

    Waking up from near death is hell though.  



    You own a real human skull? How the fuck is that not illegal? 

  6. Newspapers should not be allowed to report on science. They just aren't capable of understanding context and without overstating everything.


    My favourite part is usually when they say something "has the same effects as heroine or cocaine"....Which is just a really stupid way of saying that it produces dopamine in your brain, which almost everything does. Sex, working out, eating something you like, getting a compliment, etc etc etc etc.


    Ofcourse oreos aren't as addictive as cocaine. 



    "REAL CHOCOLATE" just the fact that they have to point that out is hilarious.

    Thats a little like the "100% beef" thing....
  7. If Kanye West becomes president, I am moving to the Romania and live in a farm. Same with that little piece of shit Donald Trump.


    There rest of the world is finding it terribly amusing that he is actually that popular....Really shows you what kind of country you are dealing with. 

  8. Touhou's really more of a cult for people who draw and make music, and those who like those drawings and music. Oh, and it was also a game once before it became a proper cult.


    Sounds scary!


    Was it your birthday? If so...


    a while back....Finally starting to admit it;)

  9. I have been somewhat corrupted Enlightened by the glory of the Danmaku Project.



    Hmmmmm Interesting!


    The character you posted before had a bit of tsundere vibe so Im probably game.


    Going to download that show when I get home in an hour or so.


    Im 30 now...Need to start the corruption/enlightenment before I get too closeminded with age.

  10. ya doesnt sound good

    It was worse....Especially since a big thing in the entire series was a flashback where the girl stabs a man as a child. Sometimes its her father, sometimes its implied its other people.


    Well, that was just a dream sequence(even though the guy had the same dream...:S)


    had so much hope.



    Welcome home....



    Thank you.....Wait..:MYINNERFRED!? Where is the hyouka gifs!? WHO HAVE YOU BECOME!?




    Hehe missed you guys!

  11. Had the worst anime expirience ever. As a big fan of toradora and golden Time, i was really excited when I started on evergreen. And it was SO fantastic in the beginning. Like, I really felt for these characters.



    I don't think i have ever been so disgusted with an anime like this one. She builds everything up and then goes completely insane and cruel and turns it into a really disturbing "boy meets girl, they turn out to be siblings" kinda way but just even sadder than usual.


    A lot in this category ends badly...But this was almost the worst ending ever.

  12. just trying to make you feel at home lol


    Hahaha! Mission accomplished! ;)


    But the song is rather catchy I admit.'


    A lot of business and bad shit happened lately...Haven't even had time for anime! None at all.




    OR a R+/Mature poll thread should begin. Not only for nudity though.



    We could call it Ellnico09s anime thread....since you will be posting most of it!;)