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  1. ..next on LTT: Watercooling the Pi! -> New Supercomputer?
  2. As I said, I would mount it inside the dash, so out of the main heat, maybe close to the vents. Whats the max temp for Pi to work? EDIT: Also, I have limited idea about the data transfer, but aren't USB sticks little limited compared to the SD cards on the write speeds? Would it handle recording 1080 30-40fps?
  3. For the cable length, on amazon I've found 50cm extensions, so that should be enough..
  4. Is there a way, how this approach can be used to create my own dash cam? I mean I get that I need to solve the packaging, but this way I dont need to care about any big camera body on my windshield, instead I would just place the camera module somewhere and run the cables somewhere into my dash. But I wonder how it would work with the cars electrics and the local storage (microSD card most likely). Any thoughts?