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    FunkmastaFlex reacted to Racxie in UK politicians call for "making the resale of goods purchased using an automated bot an illegal activity"   
     UK MPs will be looking to discuss the possibility of banning the resale of computer components & consoles at inflated prices in a similar vain as event tickets.
    My thoughts
    This is a small step in the right direction considering how difficult it is to buy the latest GPUs, CPUs, and consoles, though as the article points out it could be a while before this leads anywhere.
    If it is fruitful then hopefully the rest of the world will follow suite, although I don't expect it to stop scalpers entirely but may still deter some.
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    FunkmastaFlex reacted to williamcll in UE 5 demo featuring limitless detail: Gaze upon Unreal Engine's true form!   
    The downside is probably half the games running on this will be an epic games exclusive.
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    FunkmastaFlex got a reaction from Froody129 in iPhone 12 images have leaked   
    Honestly this looks great, I dont get the notch/hole thing. I think a neat bezel looks WAY better than anything else.
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    FunkmastaFlex reacted to foldingNoob in Facebook to pay moderators for psychological damages   
    I would classify this as a call center style job. Call centers are white collar sweat shops. Anyone that has worked in any call center wants to sue their employer for psychological damage. I know a lot of people, myself included, that has developed claustrophobia. I cannot be inside a building without a fan blowing on me, and I cannot be inside a building without open windows, even in the middle of winter.
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    FunkmastaFlex reacted to TempestCatto in Twitter Will Let Employees Work From Home Permanently   
    Thanks to the current pandemic, most companies that continue to operate now do so out of most employees homes. Twitter is no exception here, and it wouldn't be surprising if more companies follow suit.
    My mother is an outside sales rep for a global gas company. She honestly does have to travel and be on location. But the rest of her employees, that she's in charge of, could honestly do the same here.
    Not surprising that the transition went well for them. After all, the are indeed an online based tech company.
    Think of how much money these people will save not having to commute daily. Lucky bastards.
    Honey mustard: https://variety.com/2020/digital/news/twitter-work-from-home-forever-coronavirus-1234604586/?fbclid=IwAR1AIIeIqMNSsfv6lJC1NOVE2C5UFOZQHphbzqKJ9eEaOAV5KGAoZFTRvzI
    This news post is brought to you by the LTT store. Check out the new line of merch, get hydrated, and stay cabled managed with LTTstore.com!
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    FunkmastaFlex got a reaction from IntMD in iPhone 12 images have leaked   
    Honestly this looks great, I dont get the notch/hole thing. I think a neat bezel looks WAY better than anything else.
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    FunkmastaFlex got a reaction from 3 Lions in iPhone 12 images have leaked   
    Honestly this looks great, I dont get the notch/hole thing. I think a neat bezel looks WAY better than anything else.
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    FunkmastaFlex reacted to Sauron in Bill Gates, Airbus, Softbank back EarthNow plan to cover Earth with real-time video surveillance satellites   
    I strongly doubt this would have a high enough resolution and precision for anything of the sort. The best they advertise is "catching illegal fishing ships in the act" - fishing ships are quite a bit larger than your average school kid. Also with "only" 500 satellites they can't possibly cover the entirety of Earth all at the same time with that level of precision.
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    FunkmastaFlex reacted to RejZoR in Nvidia Ampere teased   
    Damn, 2 years already for RTX cards? I'm forgetting how old my GTX 1080Ti is becoming...
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    FunkmastaFlex reacted to minibois in Friendly to Children, not to your wallet - ESRB rating now mentions in-game purchases   
    Very good. Hopefully PEGI will add this too.
    Maybe they can edit the rating of this game now, which is practically a casino (with an E for Everyone rating). Of course they say in game purchases on the very bottom, but that should be front-left-and-center with this behaviour.
    (The comments are gold :^) )
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    FunkmastaFlex reacted to wANKER in 5G Masts set light to, Engineers attacked over virus rumours   
    Facebook is honestly one of the greatest fucking diseases in history.... I don't know what it is about that place but it just seems to be a breeding ground for retards. 
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    FunkmastaFlex reacted to hishnash in Faster than the standards (update: and your CPU clock) - 2020 is the year of DDR5 (but not for the most of us)   
    [EDIT] for those without colourblind ness this is a simulation of how it might look to someone with it (that said there are many types of colour bind ness so this is jus one of them)
    [EDIT] and this is how it might look if you add the textures to it for a colour blind person

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    FunkmastaFlex reacted to PlayStation 2 in China & Huawei propose reinvention of the internet   
    China, Russia and Saudi Arabia: three good reasons to know that nothing good can come out of this.
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    FunkmastaFlex reacted to rcmaehl in Seasonic Connect - The future of cable management or a weird feature?   
    Seasonic connect pitch meeting:
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    FunkmastaFlex reacted to Den-Fi in Researchers trick tesla into going 85 mph autonomously with tape on speed limit sign   
    To be fair, I would also do 85 if I saw it arbitrarily taped onto a sign.
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    FunkmastaFlex reacted to rcmaehl in 14 Petabyte Projects, 2.36 Million Chrome Tabs, and a lot of Epyc-ness - US Navy orders new AMD+NVidia SuperComputer   
    Data Center Dynamics
    The US Navy has ordered an updated SuperComputer. It's specs should put the computer within the top 20 super computers.

    My Thoughts:
    As far as I'm aware, this will be the first top 20 supercomputer built using AMD's Epyc CPUs, and one of the very few AMD supercomputers to have currently rolled out (with the first top 100 AMD based computer being France's CEA/TGCC-GENCI). I won't be surprised if we start seeing a lot more Epyc based supercomputers in the near future.
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    FunkmastaFlex reacted to RonnieOP in (Edit: announce Feb11th) Phone wars : the rise of Samsung Galaxy - New Flagship Leaks   
    Im screwed once my note 9 bites the dust. I wish they would just re release the note 9 every other year with just updated hardware and everything else the same. Idc how kuch it costs they would have a customer for life.
    I havent seen a single new phone that i like.  They take away headphone jacks, sd card readers, and then give us these god awful notches. Id rather they got rid of the selfie cam all together. I cant think of a time where i needed a selfie cam.  
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    FunkmastaFlex got a reaction from TechyBen in New foldable samsung   
    IMO the Galaxy S9+ was their last best phone, I don't think they realize that having a reasonably sized bezel is okay. I would rather have the bezel of the S9+ than a notch or hole.
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    FunkmastaFlex reacted to GenericFanboy in New foldable samsung   
    Honestly, samsung has gone from being a highly functional phone to just being trendy. Sure its still 1 of the most functional brands. But its just so.. Annoying how they constantly are changing to be more modern with apple and whatnot. When they removed the headphone jack it was just the end for me with samsung. 
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    FunkmastaFlex reacted to xAcid9 in Store Wars: WinRAR strikes back - WinRAR files DMCA claim against pirates   
    I don't know why average consumer willing to pirate Winrar when 7zip is truly free and just as good for their daily usage.
    I switched to 7zip over 15 years ago and never look back.