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  1. ISPs usually licenses the frequency to prevent noise.
  2. I have a picture of some logistics of a smaller antenna (not that small but...) and aswell a picture of the IDU (which controls the radios mounted on the antenna) Notice the 4 chains (the black cables) in the IDU. Those cables goes all the way up to the radios.
  3. Hi there, Ive seen some LTT videos about PTP links recently. Wi-Fi (or Wireless, duh) links can be very efficient and reliable even on a long distance. Here's an example of a 90km PTP link with Carrier Grade SIAE radios, and a 2,40m antenna. (Also one of the towers are @ my profile pic!) Link Speed is currently between 1.4Gbps-1.5Gbps, Link Mode 2x 2+0 XPIC (quad chain IDU) IDU overview and tower locations in attachments, for science! haha. Keep in mind those radios provide internet to a whole city. We're a ISP.