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  1. So I got an old mobo for a family member and I need to get in the bios to make sure the board works but I cant get in because I need to input a password. Can I just remove all power and take the battery of the mobo to reset it?
  2. @Crunchy Dragon How do i know if the motherboard I want to use supports NVMe? I cant find any info on it
  3. So I want to rebuild my pc and I want to get with something that will last me a while. The motherboard I want to use is an ASUS ROG Maximus X Hero and the M.2 SSD I want to use is Western Digital Black NVMe 500GB M.2-2280. I cant find any info online and I want to know if the SSD will be bottlenecked by an m.2 slot that doesn't support nvme. Can anyone tell me if the m.2 slots on the Maximus X Hero support nvme?