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    Where everyone gets skin cancer, Australia
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    My rig is an imac from late 2012... I added in RBG lighting which makes it much better. Now it uses 9000 volts, thank you Linus. (It melted the motherboard).
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    A student who is trying to get a HD

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  1. I don't know how this happens but when playing TABS and Star War Battlefront 2, the screen starts to flicker. Some games such as the source games and league don't have this flicker. I've already done a clean install of my drivers, nothing has changed. Does anyone know what's happening? Update 1: Source games seem to have a very subtle flicker, although not distracting, it's not 100% alright. Update 2: The lower the fps, the less of the flicker
  2. So I recently got the HS35 Headphones. Upon early use of the headphones, the sounds started to only emit from one side (The left side). I decided to bring it back to the store and replace it. I showed it to the person and for some reason, the problem wasn't there. I tried to fiddling with the wires thinking there was something wrong it but nothing seemed to have changed. My headphones would sometimes go full left side and would stay like that. Anyone know what is going on? It's really frustrating having an inconsistent problem that's stopping me from replacing a faulty headphone.
  3. So... you can but it's stupidly hard and not convenient since building a desktop way better. With the food from Subway thing, I can't stop imagining that all laptops are like them. Well done, you changed my eyes.
  4. Many people built desktops but very few built laptops. Is it the same thing as building a desktop?
  5. I recently checked my Mac storage space. System taking 60% of storage! Is there a problem? Is it a misread? 500gb of space in the Imac, mostly taken by the system. The mac is 7 years old so I should probably get a new one but I don't want to transfer 100gb of files to 10 USBs. Any ideas?
  6. Last time I upgraded my laptop from win 7 to win 10, it caused more problem but that could just be the REALLY OLD hardware that was on the laptop. They will pull the plug at some point, win 10 is not too bad (apart from the annoying auto downloads that cause my brain to explode). Windows 7 will end but at least we have virtual machines that can run any windows at "ease".
  7. Well, the samsung s5 is still a popular phone so I doubt it will happen any time soon. At least I know what to expect. Thanks for sharing your story... How do we live with 3.5? Only the 90s kids know...
  8. Damn...what phone was it? An Iphone or an android?
  9. I got a hand Samsung Galaxy s5. It served me well for the last 4 years. I'm beginning to think that my phone will get soft-bricked or something happens to all my data. I rooted my phone but I don't think that's causing problems. My phone does get stupidly hot when I watch youtube or play some games on it, so I should probably get a new battery soon. I want to preserve my phone because it holds a special place in my heart. What should I expect when problems arise? Will there be any fixes to those problems?
  10. I recently checked my storage for my mac, it says that I only took like 100GB of storage while the system just eats up the rest (leaving only 60Gbs left). I don't think this is healthy for the system to be so BIG. Anyone knows how to clear up the system a little bit?
  11. I only really played 2 and it was the best game I played in my childhood. The music has a special place in my heart that I'll never forget, the level design is child-friendly (Never confusing). Is number 1 any better? What do you think?
  12. sud

    High School

    Australian Translator High school = Year 7 - 12 How to survive High school as a little kid * Try, it's not that hard to get good grades like a B or A in year 7 * Join some sort of lunch-time club * Find out what subject you are interested in. Will be useful for choosing subjects. * Don't be the cool kid (the one person that tries to be cool) * Choose the right friendship group, try to avoid those groups that try to acts cool (I mean, it's not bad to join them but bad stuff usually happens in them... according to my experiences). After year
  13. Hey, any Australians here?
  14. Yea, my laptops battery life has shortened a bit. I was wondering if it was caused by over-charging. I just need to know if the system is able to stop the battery from over-charging. If over-charging is not the case, then what do you think is shortening the laptop's battery.