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  1. Hello, thinking of upgrading my ram to 32GB. Will it bottleneck with a Ryzen 3 2200G, Mobo supports up to 32GB of ram. Thanks
  2. Hi guys. I am planning a build for video editing and streaming. It wont be for gaming how ever as this is being done on another machine. What are your thoughts, Intel Core i9 9900X 10 Core 3.5ghz or Intel Core i9 9900k 8 core. Thanks. https://www.intel.com.au/content/www/au/en/products/processors/core/x-series/i9-9900x.html https://www.intel.com.au/content/www/au/en/products/processors/core/i9-processors/i9-9900k.html
  3. Hello, i was just looking at streamers setups. Most streamers have two pcs, one for streaming and one for their gaming. I was thinking wouldn't it be easier to have one really powerful pc. Such as extreme edition intel cpu and dual gpus and 32gb ram. What are your thoughts. Many of the stremers have around 4000 dollars spent on both pc combined. isnt it easier to spend it on one pc and make it really powerful. I am thinking about getting into streaming and playing a larger variety games.
  4. Temps are good so I would think it’s a software issue. There may be a bug with Windows. Go to settings and go to update and update everything and check all drivers are activated and they are the correct ones. That should help.
  5. The computer might need a updated network driver so the computer can process better speeds,
  6. Keep in mind when overclocking older cards that you don’t push them to far because the cooling my not be as effective as on newer cards.
  7. There might be a problem with the drivers. If you install new USB drivers it might fix it. The drivers may of stop working when installing Windows.
  8. Is that idle or on a game if it’s a game what game is it?
  9. In my case I would wait for new Ryzen 7 processors because they will have 8 cores and possibly more threads. They also might be cheaper
  10. Try running both at same speed. The cas latency might be different and the chipset
  11. Save up a bit more or get a RTX 2070 instead
  12. You could but the one you broke again but only if it had the features you wanted. If you want newer features you could update it.