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    AMD Athlon XP 3200 socket 939 64bits
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    MSI K8N Diamond ATX - Socket 939 - nForce4 SLI
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    2 x Kingsstom pc 512 MB DDR SDRAM PC3200
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    Asus ATI Radeon X700 PRO 256MB PCI-E
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    Thermaltake Tsunami VA3000SWA Aluminum X-Type
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    200GB Seagate Serial Ata UDMA150 7.200RPM
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    Eurotech - Fonte Silent 400w
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    Samsung Samtron with side speakers
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    Logitech Mx 1000

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  1. In the other day i actually made a stupid post regarding laptops and how they are ending nowhere. I'm happy to see laptop makers inovating since it's been long overdue since the normal form factor is older than me.. I actually liked the video, linus script was well written (despite the obvious apple-youtube-gime-views) and the inclusion of Taran and his words was great and made me rethink some things.. This laptop seems really great to have it around for gaming, productivity or just multitask-procrastination (i'm coining this sentence right here). Did laptops manufacturer
  2. I HAD THIS THICK TEXT AND EFFFFF IT. GODAMIT. just pasting a LTT youtube link breaks all and even erases text. bullet points it is: > less and less people using laptops (living in major city in central europe; except apple laptops, its hard to buy one) > makers are dumping laptops and they don't even have enough marketplace to sell > everyone underestimated the work you can do in a mobile phone > Stuff like Stadia or even PS4 Remote Play are changing how you perceive handheld devices. > makers do less and less laptops > Can't wait to hook my mobile phone
  3. Wendell from Level1Techs and Steve from GameNexus both sick after LTX, coincidence?!! TATATATUMMM.. Probably, just thought it was funny to point out. Will probably try next year to fly from europe to get the same virus, stonks! Quickedit: meet&greet to avoid :£
  4. Well, when i was doing a javascript and ionic course i had this one colleague that brought along is windows pc (while we used local imacs) and had many problems installing and running packages on homebrew and some node stuff just because it was windows while worked perfectly on mac. And is was pain in the butt when trying to troubleshooting, google kungfu, etc, Never thought of it but makes sense. I used to own a Windows XP sp2 PC, then went on with macbook pro, imac, iphones.. And i just love it, all mac experience (except thermal throttling ofc, fuck that), i love it. All o
  5. 2 days ago TechLinked: "HA! No One's Buying iPhones!" didnt take long.. Any LTT video does contain helpfull info, but there are so many cases where they spread false information like the "save image". And in the end all i'm saying, LTT is aggressive toward a minority (damn who would thought) and helping a monopoly. IOs has its problems, android has its problems, macOS has its problems, windows has its problems... BUT AS A TECH YOUTUBE CHANNEL, the ratio doesn't quite fit, and because the percentage of windows users is bigger i do understand they go for a 'VS' video
  6. Let gets start with windows/linux/macOS and android/windows/ios statistics: google them. You read it all? Good. Now, do you want a full market Android? Do you want a full market Windows? I feel we are digressing.. Joke on meta, channel super fun, or whatever, but you guys are taking too far the anti apple sentiment. Windows phone are dead, diss on apple and you are left with.. and you try to please anti-apple 'sheeps'? Look at the damn statistics. ffs
  7. And here i was, me, thinking, making my second post in this forum, asking for LTT to slow down or stop talking about apple (because, look at comment sections across social). Valid points and i think (living in the other side of the atlantic so i don't know) that are a lot of things apple could change in terms of pricing politics, but that can be said also about the rest of tech companies. But this part is plain wrong "goods or services are readily obtainable in a similar transaction by like consumers". Story time. Young me loves PCs, young me goes Athlon Xp 3200. Loves is first buil