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    Escaracho got a reaction from Shaqo_Wyn in Best 1080 ti?   
    I have the Aorus Xtreme Edition i think it is the best one in my opinion
  2. Funny
    Escaracho got a reaction from JabroniBaloney in 1080TI 30FPS PUBG   
    Yeah i think it might be that but anyways BlueBalls is completely shit with its optimizations other games have no issue. The problem is that i gotta upgrade MDB to upgrade  the CPU and im broke ASF rn
  3. Agree
    Escaracho got a reaction from chckovsky in 1080TI 30FPS PUBG   
    The PSU should not be a problem...
  4. Informative
    Escaracho got a reaction from Canada EH in Current build. What's the next upgrade?   
    Gaming at 1080p i cant get stable 144fps in fortnite everything low except view distance (epic)