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    Rochester NY
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  • CPU
    Intel I7-8700k
  • Motherboard
    Gigabyte aorus gaming 7
  • RAM
    16GB Patriot ddr4 2666mhz
  • GPU
    XFX radeon 470
  • Case
    anidees white cube case
  • Storage
    Samsung evo 860 1TB for os samsung evo 860 1tb for games and a couple 2 gig Hdd's for storage
  • PSU
    Thermaltake 650
  • Display(s)
    2 32inch Tv's lol
  • Cooling
    Corsair h100i for cpu, and 7 corsair rgb fans in case, soon water cooling my gpu when i get a new one of coarse
  • Keyboard
    some crap but it lights up and works great
  • Sound
    Klipsch sw-350 and tv speakers
  • Operating System
    Windows 10 Pro x64
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  1. Yeah for sure with a rx 580 Shoot me a pm in 24 hours reminding me I'll get some video footage of my combo in some gta v
  2. Honestly if you can afford something newer go for it, but I'd go big or go home if getting new I.e don't upgrade and just get a ryzen 2200, aim for a 2600, or Intel 8400 minimum. Why spend $99on a cpu(2200g) when like $50 more gets you a 2600. But if your just playing current titles, you'd be fine for awhile but obviously as games come out their more cpu hungry.... But that rx 580 wouldn't handle 1440p medium settings which would relieve some of the cpu stress, so that fx could hold you down for quite awhile if you switched to higher res. If you can get one used for $
  3. I'm running the next step weaker, as in a rx 470 4gb and I'm a graphics whore and I'm pleased with it. You'll be fine with 1080p 60fps, don't worry about it. Worse case tomorrow when I get home I will obs some gta v as it's pretty demanding, and show you the fps I get and it records at the same time as gaming just fine.
  4. Also, my other xfx 470 when it was in my 8700k didn't manage anything more then what the fx gets.... As obviously the gpu is the weaker link.... But pc usage stays under 40 and gpu I believe around 55-65
  5. I just picked up a fx8350 with two different mobos a couple weeks ago for $50. I took my spare rx470 threw together a second system for upstairs to game on, or for a friend to use to game with me. I installed gta v, far cry 5, fortnite, wrecked:new car game, and two other bs games so it was ready. I first ran the cpu at stock settings, it handled all games a little better then I thaught, considering it's 6 yr old chip and a low end gpu now a days anyways. Gta with everything on high +it maintains a solid 60 fps with maxed settings.... But at 720p. I then over clocked it to 4.6 on the msi board
  6. If you have a 4790k you would be down grading going to a ryzen sku that has a built in igpu.
  7. I usually never recommended ryzen... But a ryzen 2200g igpu will perform the same as a 1050....yiu can save $130 bucks their...
  8. If all your doing is putting everything together turning it on seeing the bios screen load, and shut it down immediately so maybe 10-15 seconds on your fine. I wouldn't risk more then just seeing the bios screen load up.
  9. Yeah I had a z370 gaming 7, pure trash and it melted down, with a aio that still works fine in a room with ac.
  10. It's gotta be a ram issue. My i5-4440 with 20gb ram and a rx 470 handled gtav fine. Even my secondary gaming system my wife uses handles it great, fx8350 at factory clock with 16gb ddr3 and a rx 470 runs it buttery smooth on very high mostly and three highs.
  11. Try baking it once you've totally given up on all methods.
  12. Seems like a dead cpu or mobo. I've had a boot loop like this and cpu was doa.
  13. The 2070 is like 4-5x faster then a titan for wayyy less...
  14. I knew two months ago they'd be very powerful after all no gpu single gpu can drive Nvidia new monitors at ultra settings 60fps. But the forum laughed.