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  1. If you're having problems I'd start by flashing your bios with the latest version and remove any overclocks on you may have.
  2. Yes it does support SAM. I'm not sure if its implementation on older chipsets gives the same boost as the 570/550 boards. It is enabled otherwise
  3. I currently have a MSI x470 Gaming Carbon Pro and using the beta firmware to run a Ryzen 5600X. Other general specs are RX6800XT Corsair 850W Power 2 Samsung SSD 1 WD NVMe SATA My question is, is it worth updating the motherboard? Would I get any benefits? Is it a good idea to just get away from relying on a Beta Firmware, which will probably never be updated again. If upgrading it is beneficial, what do you suggest? X570 or a B series? I could probably spend about £200 ($250).
  4. I have upgraded from 650Mb to 1Gb broadband. Previously with the 650Mb I was getting good speed most of the time and getting 700Mb at times. I have upgraded to 1Gb and since the the broadband has been very poor. I have called technical support who had an engineer come out to test it. He plugged in his hand held tester and their speed test was showing a steady 900+Mb When doing a speed test it will jump to 800-900Mb almost straight away but over the next 15 seconds of the speed test will just lose steam and slowly drop to 600Mb on a good day and as low as 300Mb on a bad day.
  5. Hi, I was wondering what is a decent (free) LAN speed test. It just needs to be basic, as my IPS are are blaming my network cables for only getting 200Mb on a 1Gb internet connnection. Besides the fact all my cables are either Cat6 or Cat5e and I was getting 650Mb download before they "upgraded" my modem.
  6. I dont know how long this has been going on for but I noticed that the fans on the Performance tab of iCue, keeps disappearing and re-appearing I can be viewing the performance tab and after bout 5-10 seconds most or all the fans just disappear from the screen and then will start spinning up full speed. After anything from 5-30 seconds later, some or all of the fans will reappear in the list before a few moments later they go again. I have uninstalled iCue and reinstalled with no difference. I have tried iCue 3 and iCue 4. I did notice the description of the Commander Pro on the
  7. I've done desoldering before, I'd dread having to desolder all those and solding back. sigh.
  8. Thats what I thought. Its most of the keyboard, I dont fancy desoldering the whole keyboard.. Any easy way to lube the keys without dismantling
  9. I need to clean out some keys and put some lube on them. Ive seen tools to open up keys to allow you to lube the springs but they all require to do this from the bottom. Is there a way of opening up the keys from the top?
  10. I've been thinking of upgrading my CPU for a while to a Ryzen 5800X and using my MSI x470 Gaming Pro Carbon until I have the money to upgrade the Mobo. I know the bios update is to support 5000 series CPU are beta, but what have people's experience been with them so far? Is it worth it? Is it stable? Do you get most of the benefits of the CPU upgrade?
  11. Go to the same place in thieves haven and check. It is notorious location for poor performance. I'd be interested in what you get
  12. It seems the majority of the issues was being caused by Windows update KB5001330. After uninstalling the update I instantly noticed a difference in general performance. The location where the screen shot was taken I still doesn't push the GPU to 100% but it now is at over 60 FPS and other island locations its around the 100FPS mark where before it was just below 60pfs and stuttering a lot. Thanks for the help and suggestions.
  13. In Sea of Thieves, I do notice the stutter as the frame dips below 60fps at times when I cant see a reason Yes I am on an island but judging by how hard the GPU is working it should do lot more. I've overclocked my CPU to 4.3Ghz and it made very little difference so I dont think it is a bottle neck. I have added a screen shot of what I find to be the location with the biggest drop in frames. and you can see the GPU seems to be hardly trying. The MHz will bounce around the 1000-1500 mark. No other game I play does this sort of thing. I'm wonder whether it more an issue of just
  14. I have been questioning whether it is the CPU, its getting on a bit, but wouldn't the CPU usage be higher than 25-30% I am seeing? I even checked the core usage on Task Manager, expecting to find a couple of cores maxed out but the usage is very evenly spread Using the Gears 5, Forza 4 and Dirt 5 benchmarks, the GPU goes way over 2200Mhz and 90%+ utilisation and the CPU is at 40-60%. I am running latest drivers and there was an update just a couple of days ago. I've even tried running the game on a 1080P monitor and the performance doesn't go up that much
  15. Hi, I got a RX6800XT and I use a 1440 Ultrawide monitor (3440x1440). The game I play the most is Sea Of Thieves. I have noticed in more graphically challenging areas my frame rate drops to below 60FPS, however looking at the game metrics its not running at full speed. For example, these areas the clock speed will be around 1400Mhz and the GPU utilisation will be around 75%. GPU Temps will be around 70-75C and the junction temp about 80C. I have turned off any Vsync, I can find and any frame rate limit. I have set the GPU to default clock, Rage mode, overclock etc