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  1. Many of the important devices are wired. My main PC is wired as well as a small hub in the living room which wires the Cable TV receiver, TV and living room console, however its not possible to wire everything. Especially with home schooling and working from home, good wifi for tablets and laptops is required.
  2. The supplied router I got from my ISP is meh, but works OK, but its recently the wifi will have several periods a day when it just goes. Every wifi device stops connecting its not just one device and the wifi light flickers on the router. The wifi speed has never been great so Im looking to get a wifi router for around £150/$200 mark. I;ve read a few "best router of 2021" articles but I'm always wary of such things. My main PC is wired in, but my kid's Xbox are wifi. Any suggestions?
  3. I have just transferred my computer from a BeQuest Silent base to a Lian Li Lancool II Mesh and I have a question about fan placement For information I am currently using an air CPU cooler. For intake I have the 3 fans on the front which came with the case. For exhaust, I have the 2 standard config of 2 fans on the top of the case and the one at the rear of the case. The rear exhaust fan and the furthest back top exhaust fan is blowing out quite warm air. However the other exhaust fan, the one near the front of the case, is blowing out cold air, significantly colder.
  4. I'm using default compression of 4:1. When testing the microphone levels any EQ or Compression is disabled but the test levels still hardly reach the "good" range
  5. Lol the amount of people I see having a blue yeti pointed at them. Yeah, its pointing the correct way. That was one of the many reviews I watched including the Podmic vs Procaster
  6. Hi, I have the GoXLR Mini and I combined it with the Rode Podmic as I saw many reviews saying it is a great microphone for the cost. Many of the reviews I saw actually had it parted with the Go XLR Mini during the review. With the microphone just an inch or 2 away from my mouth the gain has to be maxed out at 72db before the "Mic Metre" gets even close the the "Good" area and even the fall short. For it to be in the good area I have to have max gain and my mouth pressed against the microphone. Having maxed out gain means it is creating a lot of hiss and picking up the sligh
  7. At times I can hear my my mouse movements in my head phones. It sounds like a medium pitched electrical buzz which only happens when I'm moving the mouse I thought it was the terrible shielding on my motherboard as I normally plug my headphones into the back of the computer. I recently got a GoXLR and I thought it would sort that issue out but I can still hear it. Any idea what could be causing it? My mouse is a Bluetooth Logitech MX Master? Could my audio be picking up the radio waves?
  8. I just decided set the RGB colour on the keys to white. But I noticed many of them are rather pink and some a slightly blue and the odd one looking slightly green is this as to expected? Would corsair say this is within range of colours?
  9. Since getting the 6800XT I'm getting the Windows device disconnected/connected sound when I start games. I am also getting game suddenly crashing or my computer resetting while playing certain games. But the Windows connect/disconnect device sound can happen from once to maybe four times when starting a game. Is this normal? Is it some sort of device within the card which is getting enabled / disabled when starting a game? I doubt it is a power issue, here's my basic spec Ryzen 2600X MSI x470 Gaming Carbon Pro 16GB Corsair 3200Mhz RAM AMD RX6800XT Cors
  10. I've heard one or two reviewers mention it but they seemed to imply it is only auditable when playing games at 140+fps. However Im getting it at all frames, the more frames there are the higher the pitch. Is anyone else experiencing that much coil whine?
  11. Does MSI Afterburner work with AMD cards? I haven't have an AMD card in many many years lol
  12. I was one of the lucky few who managed to get a RX 6800 XT (It did take nearly 2 weeks from purchase for it to arrive) I have noticed the GPU usage isn't smooth at all while playing games. I can understand some fluctuations but it bounces up and down to extremes making the GPU graph look like a sawtooth. For example the readings will be 99%,4%,99%,30%,99%,12%,99%,58%,99%,21%,99% And this is when there's nothing happening on the game screen ie game menus. Is this how its meant to work? As I have noticed a few stutters in the game when which normally aren't there. P.S
  13. I have been looking in to audio interfaces and mixers. I previously posted about getting an audio setup to do a little bit of streaming and when I make the odd YouTube video that I do. I find I spend way too much time getting audio levels correct, mostly because I have to go in and out of Windows menus to do it, and more often than not I usually give up because I've lost all interest once my audio is OK. I have seen the GoXLR which will allow to adjust the PC audio level using slider on the device. Something like this would be ideal for me as I can quickly adjust the audio le
  14. Thanks. I got it installed now. It happened so infrequently and so quickly. Hopefully I may be able to catch it in Process Explorer
  15. I sometimes notice in the task bar, something very quickly load/run and disappear. I notice the animation a new task appearing in the taskbar (ie the window in the task bar growing.) and then it it does the animation of the taskbar window shrinking as the application closes. I usually see an icon but it doesn't display any text when it happens but it happens so quick I don't get time to notice the icon. It's probably just something running to check for an upate I just want to make sure Is there a way I can find out what it was? I've looked at the event log -> Applications