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    Core i5-4590 3.30GHz
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    16 GB
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    Nvidia GeForce GTX 960 Asus Strix DirectCU II OC 2GB Edition
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  1. Welp I guess from now on I will always buy a mobo with dual bios...
  2. Yeah but I was waiting for better prices I was also pretty satisfied with my i5
  3. The 5 5600X sounds good, welp I didn't want to upgrade but I see myself with no other choices...
  4. Tried resetting to default settings numerous times, didn't work, the battery is good I also tried other ones, I will try reinstalling cpu see if that helps...
  5. Welp you are right, can't do that so I guess I will be looking to buy a new mobo+cpu kit, any good amd ryzen recommendations?
  6. I tried with a usb drive it's unresponsive. Any other options?
  7. Already did that, numerous time, still nothing.
  8. Nope can't boot into safe mode, however I do have access to my bios setup now
  9. Oh I also tried to update the bios but I already had the latest version but it just freezes and doesn't do anything afterwards...
  10. So long story short, I tweaked a few settings in the bios of my msi b85m-e45, and now the computer refuses to boot into windows and it shows I think corrupt info (see picture below) I tried to reset cmos, take out gpu, rearrange RAM, unplugged ssd and the bios was responsive but after I plug my ssd back in at the promt screen it freezes again... Is my mobo fu$#ed?
  11. I dunno what I did, but I did windows dirty :)) all fixed now
  12. I reinstalled the drivers and now it shows up as the 4th lol
  13. Why does windows detects my headphones (10 usb audio) as being the 10th? just why...
  14. hey could I connect the rgb connections of this cooler https://www.amazon.com/Thermaltake-Motherboard-Addressable-Universal-CL-P064-AL12SW/dp/B07WW26KV7?th=1 to my case's rgb controller, will that work?