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    I-r0k reacted to Trixanity in Old Windows XP PC with 6 viruses on it is being auctioned as art for over 1.2 million USD   
    Yet another piece of evidence that I clearly don't understand art.
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    I-r0k reacted to SlimyPython in [LEAKED] Intel Gen11 Graphics Lineup   
    Somebody please do a intel GPU pizza
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    I-r0k reacted to Tristerin in Nvidia says 'something super is coming', any guesses?   
    GTX 1750 1760 1770ti, 1850 1860 1880ti
    They HAVE To compete in all segments. 
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    I-r0k reacted to RasmusDC in What does your company offer as a work computer?   
    work at LEGO, i have a Dell Precision 5530, guess it is some kind of XPS clone.
    4K display (touch), 32gb ram, P1000 Quadro, 8850H CPU, 256gb NVME, it is a nice laptop, have a backup older DELL 12" with an older 7 series dual core HT cpu.
    have 2 offices, but have displays each place, 2 x 1920x1200 in my project and older 2 x 1920x1080 in my office, although i have ordered one of those super wide screen that is the same size of a dual 16:9 setup. 
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    I-r0k reacted to leadeater in An Open Letter to Linus Tech Tips from The Passthrough Post   
    Probably more than a few angles to look at this. I can understand the VFIO  community wishing that they were consulted but it's typically not as easy as that. Sure it's a nice idea but there's some practical issues like who actually are the people that run the VFIO community, how well can they be trusted and relied on etc along with the problem that once you have to interact with an external entity it adds on logistical complications for the LMG staff that could impact resourcing and scheduling.
    Linus as far as I know very rarely reaches out for advice from the LTT community, in the way VFIO wants. Personally Linus has asked me once and I know that is because he didn't have an alternative person who he's got an existing working relationship with like Wendell. It's not enough that he knows I'm knowledgeable (IT professional) in the areas he's doing a video on, there needs to be a better reason than that to bring in external advice and rely on that for what is a business project that generates revenue. Who am I? Just some guy on the internet who knows some stuff, there's thousands and thousands of those.
    When you publish a guide on how to do something you have no idea who is going to read or follow it, it may just happen to be someone with a large public profile who publicizes this action, like this situation. Most internet guides have issues with rigorous testing of them under many different environments to ensure that it will work for those using it as well as lacking typical errors and what they mean along with troubleshooting procedures, most paid software companies fail at this.
    Most LTT guides tend to be more "this is what we did" rather than "this is how to do it correctly", even the latter is actually a hard one to go around stating/doing as many will raise counter points so unless you're the primary source it's best to not frame guides or advice that way. When they are wrong or lack some information or could be done in a better way it can be frustrating to see but the way I've always looked at it is this is educational entertainment, watching someone try and fail or do something wrong is still educational and actually very entertaining. I've given Linus a fair bit of stick more than once for getting stuff wrong but he knows, I think, that I don't really mean it. I highly enjoy his failures more than his successes.
    But I know how the VFIO community feels to an extent, the reason I joined this forum was because of the 2 Gamers 1 CPU (unRAID) video which from my standpoint was leading people towards unwise purchasing and technical decisions. I voiced my opinion in the official topic for that video and then hung out in the Network and Servers And NAS (once it got created) sub-forums advising people asking about that video and wanting to do it on better and/or cheaper options that would be much more reliable and easier to use. Myself and about 2 or 3 other members were doing this, that continued after every video that featured unRAID and honestly it wasn't that much effort from us so I can't really see how it's such a big problem for VFIO. Annoying sure.
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    I-r0k reacted to JustDave2019 in This is for Linus   
    Hi Linus my name is David, I live in the UK I watch your videos like the new form of TV broadcasting, you are good very good. I wanted to tell you, how my daughter loves you to bits. She's now 14 months old, when she was born and we where in hospital with her we was there some 4 months of her life, every moment me and her mummy had time we would watch a tech tips or tech quickie video my girl India she could hear your voice and from that day, she's loved you since. Even while at home, as soon as you appeard on screen she lights up smiles reaching out for you, tonight she was asleep after tea, and we mentioned your name a couple of times she woke up turned over to the TV a Sharp Quattron 60" by the way and she sat up pointing to my TV, for you. She's always loved your voice and how you present your self on scree. I wanted to thank you, for your great work time taken to deliver your videos and how you make my girl happier, even from the early days. I have included two photos. PS I love your server room, it's so good love them videos.. Hope to hear from you 

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    I-r0k reacted to valdyrgramr in [UPDATE: Companies named and replied] Who watches the watchers? - 3 US Antivirus companies breached   
    People get bitchy when you call Malwarebyes an anti-virus program.
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    I-r0k reacted to minibois in Friends build in progress liquid cooling   
    One question, why is this person using milk in his loop?
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    I-r0k reacted to sowon in 16-Core Ryzen 9 3000 Series ES Sample spotted & Zen 2 is a Memory OC Beast, DDR4-5000 Possible! (Updated)   
    Fiction until confirmed by Lisa Sue's mouth herself.
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    I-r0k reacted to The Benjamins in Crytek reveals real time raytracing that works with both Nvidia and AMD hardware.   
    I feel sad for people that paid extra for this tech, lol
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    I-r0k reacted to DrMacintosh in US Senate Against Lootboxes and Pay2Win Micro-Transactions   
    The Senate is a legislative wasteland. Especially right now. Don’t expect the bill to pass. 
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    I-r0k reacted to SADS in Over a 150 Riot Games Employees Stage Walkout Over Forced Arbitration & Sexist Culture   
    I'm not touching this one with a 20ft pole...
    Without knowing the full details, its hard to say whether these complaints are actually breaches of law or just some people construing statistics to say something that isn't true.
    There's just too much agenda and opinion in this sort of topic.
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    I-r0k reacted to Semper in Over a 150 Riot Games Employees Stage Walkout Over Forced Arbitration & Sexist Culture   
    and women are liars.

    Neither of these hold true without gross misuse and generalizing.

    Arbitration is a double-edged sword. It can be a great thing, but can also be very easily abused. I don't know enough on the subject to make comment either way, I don't have the time to invest into it. I do have to take a moment for pause though, as i'm fairly certain that if they become too much of a burden for Riot, it wouldn't take but a few minutes to flood their HR with new applicants for these positions.
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    I-r0k reacted to YaBoiWill in Ice Road Trucker Sim 2019 - Alaska to join US broadband with 100 Terabit fiber backbone   
    I think they're not going to be happy when they see the cost
    100 terabits p/s sounds like its going to require a trip to the black market to sell a desirable organ 
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    I-r0k reacted to HanZie82 in RTX 2080ti Artifacts or is it the monitor?   
    AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH my eyes, WTF is this???

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    I-r0k reacted to r2724r16 in Pre-Order Vavle Index Tomorrow + More Info   
    That costs more than my PC 
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    I-r0k reacted to Sychic in Family of man killed by his Model X on autopilot sues Tesla   
    Might be a poor joke but...

    Look Ma, No hands!
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    I-r0k reacted to BuckGup in L4T - Ubuntu On Your Switch   
    So GTA V on a switch?
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    I-r0k reacted to Master Disaster in L4T - Ubuntu On Your Switch   
    Yep, it's happened, it's real and it's fully featured too. Dropped yesterday L4T is based on Nvidias Linux For Tegra however it's using a fully rewritten kernel and it supports everything. Vulkan & OGL, Sound, Bluetooth, overclocking, WiFi, touchscreen, CPU frequency scaling based on load, hardware acceleration, heck it even has a docked mode.
    It does have some issues but the devs promise most will be fixed in time
    Release information and install instructions - https://gbatemp.net/threads/l4t-ubuntu-a-fully-featured-linux-on-your-switch.537301/
    Git Repository - https://gitlab.com/switchroot
    Nvidia Tegra Linux - http://nv-tegra.nvidia.com/
    God damn it, my brother has my Switch on semi permanent loan so I can't test this out but I feel like this would make a cool LTT video.
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    I-r0k reacted to Paul Rudd in FREE Games of the Day #1 April 24th, 2019   
    Today I will be starting a new series here at linustechtips. It will aim to provide FREE games every single day. The games will be from a variety of genres and of random quality. Some days I may provide demos. Some days I may provide episodes. But no matter what, they will always be completely FREE. The majority of these games you've probably never heard of. It's time to change that. And if I miss a day, I will make it up to you.
    So without any more fuss or delay, here we go...
    Game #1 Backbone will be a FREE game on Steam in 2020.
    Developed by EggNut, it's a noir-inspired detective adventure. You'll step into the shoes of anthropomorphic raccoon and private eye, Howard Lotor, and explore the beautifully rendered 2.5D pixel art environments of dystopian Vancouver. Howard Lotor is smart, self-assured and set in his ways. Caught in the tedium of day-to-day life, he’s resigned to the abuses of the authoritative regime in power and compliant with the systemic inequality that permeates society. But a string of cases that grow progressively more outlandish will put his worldview to the test. 

    It's a new take on point-and-click adventure, featuring stealth, exploration, and extensive branching dialogues inspired by classic CRPGs. As Howard, you must traverse the diverse districts of a now walled-off Vancouver, sniff out clues, collect evidence, interrogate witnesses, and choose which leads to follow. 

    Inspired by film noir, the game will submerge you into its dark dystopian atmosphere. Every animation in the game is handcrafted frame by frame, and environments are modeled after real streets of Vancouver, BC. The breathtaking combination of high resolution pixel art and 3D effects like dynamic lighting, pouring rain, volumetric fog and neon lights bring the sprawling city to life. The original doom jazz soundtrack will keep you on the edge with the enveloping veil of bebop and cinematic soundscapes, where every sound tells a story.
    Lucky for you, the Backbone Prologue was released to Steam TODAY, April 24th, 2019. A prologue is pretty much a demo but more like an introduction, separate from the game itself.
    Game #2 Lonely will be a game released to Steam TOMORROW, April 25th, 2019. Price-tag remains unclear.
    Developed by Bill's Game, it's is a puzzle-platformer game, which contains 20 game levels. In the game you'll have the ability to control time reversal. You'll need to go back to the past, cooperate with yourself, and shuttle through parallel worlds, to cross the platform, cross the abyss and solve the puzzle switch to move forward.
    Lucky for you, a Demo for Lonely was released to Steam TODAY, April 24th, 2019. It can be found on the right side of the page from the Lonely link above.
    Bonus Game #3 Escape Lala is a FREE game released to Steam 2 MONTHS AGO, February 14th, 2019 and has 45 Positive reviews.
    Developed by DuckbearLab, it's a point-and-click adventure escape room game with a nostalgic feel. It's not just any ordinary escape room game, it's full of charming handcrafted pixel-art graphics and animations. It contains puzzles with magical twists that take inspiration from classic point-and-click adventure games of the 90's. You wake up inside a magical cave, full of mysteries. You remember nothing, but you know one thing for sure, you need to escape. Escape Lala. When you start to struggle, keep looking for the gold coins scattered around the cave and use them to reveal hints. Try to find them all and use them sparingly to get a better score at the end of the game.

    Some dude name Paolo Paglianti said this about Escape Lala, "Every now and then comes some title that reminds us of the times of LucasArts and Sierra. Escape Lala made us relive that magic."
    Miss the good old point-and-click adventure games? Then you'll definitely love Escape Lala 2 which is still under development.
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    I-r0k reacted to minibois in Change LTT username   
    For future reference, you can do it here:
    At the moment you can change your username every 180 days. 
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    I-r0k reacted to BuckGup in Egg Drop Advice   
    Take the cups and surround the egg with them but make a hinge out of fabric and tape so you can easily remove it. Then make 2 holes in each cup and crush them. Uncrush them and use the straws as a buffer between the cup edge and the egg. Next place the fabric between the egg and the cups and straw. You could use the Popsicles as weight so it falls a certain way or make skis on each cup for a larger surface area
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    I-r0k reacted to Shreyas1 in Prince Harry: Fortnite should be banned   
    Profile pic checks out /s
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    I-r0k got a reaction from ARikozuM in Borderlands 3 will be exclusively on the Epic store for the first 6 months   
    The game will also be available on PS4 and Xbox. This seems to be just Epic trying to gain a better foothold to compete with Steam. Many games are also moving platforms due to the reduced cuts that Epic takes.  I think that I’m not going to buy the game anyway, mostly because I don’t have $60. I do see how this could upset some people thought. What are your thoughts? Is it a good idea to have exclusive 6 month contacts like this?