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  1. Without VT-d your are limited to PV (paravirtualization) aware OS'ses. In HMV mode one can install just about anything that has an install CD, so its quite a difference in scope and usability. But trying out some of the others should certainly rule out a Xen version issue.
  2. From a HPE rep I got a statement that as long an any computer would be on maintenance you could download anything. Sounds like a generic "welcome to HP support club membership". If one would know the exact filename of that SPP an exended google search could maybe spot something on a download server. Funny that one almost starts thinking about entering the darknet - not for drugs/weapons/crackware, but to get a 5 year old BIOS for a legally purchased machine. Times are changing.
  3. @CptCarbonat Sorry to hear that, aflter reading your other posts I was hoping you might have some hints. Meanwhile I found a hint about an XN CPU bit, that should be set to allow the hypervisor to work. Not having set that bit seems to cause a behaviour similar to what I see. In the I BIOS settings I did not see any entry about that but, however.
  4. Hey, thanks for that info. The G7 is a newer generation but not too far off. So there is hope. The hardware is all original HP and looking at its internals and the ligh number of temperature sensors all over the place, I can not see why a 1U model should not be able to get down to 20% as well. The Hi performance side works well: When I put the server into an enclosed cabinet the fans are able to stablilize it fine in a 40°C ambient temp envirnonment. Update: I found out some new bits The iLO firmware claims in a online help file that from iLO2 v1.75 not the BIOS but this firm
  5. Hopefully its the right section for this question. I want to install a current Ubuntu 16.10 LTS repository version of the Xen hypervisor on the SE316M. The Xen version is 4.6 Its not an exact clone of the DL160G6, so I am not sure if that matters in this case. The installation worked fine, except I get a crash when starting the hypervisor with a "CPU0 Panic" when I enable in BIOS the option "VT-d". Unfortunately, this is exactly the one option one needs to run any non-aware Guest OK, e.g. Windows on Xen. Did anyone succeed to get a HVM Guest runnin
  6. I read those two topics about similar issues, but not the exact goal. https://linustechtips.com/main/index.php?app=core&module=system&controller=notifications&do=follow&follow_app=forums&follow_area=topic&follow_id=675995 https://linustechtips.com/main/index.php?app=core&module=system&controller=notifications&do=follow&follow_app=forums&follow_area=topic&follow_id=843928 I am running a SE316M server and think it is a great machine. Ony issue is that the fans can be reduced only to 50% of their speed. With full speed they sound lik
  7. Having the same problem with an old 2010 BIOS on this board, I tried to download the SPP from the hpe page, but I learned they are blocking the download for people without running support contracts.I even checked with the hotline and the result is they refuse to get any user of used hardware any BIOS updates. As many people are using those otherwise great hardware which would be good for years of service I guess I might not be the only one with that issues. I would be interested if anyone found another solution.