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  1. Honestly man, 3600X with a 3060 you're going to absolutely smash all of the games you mentioned. For a good few years.
  2. @Electronics Wizardy I really appreciate your help! I think you're right, it's a far simpler approach and will probably work out cheaper.
  3. @Electronics Wizardy We manage each desktop independently although they are on a LAN setup to connect to printers and the server. @NelizMastr Yeah that's something similar to what I had thought about although I wasn't even aware of CALs... Reading up on them it sure would be more cost effective. I'd still have to put out for the clients and it might not solve the issue with the 3 laptop users. Is there a way to manage windows 10 desktops from one place?
  4. @Electronics Wizardy, thanks so much for the feedback. I definitely see your point. In my country due to the poor infrastructure and unreliable internet & power it is really important that we keep the server on site. The business has also gone through very irregular changes, downscaling and relocating which was then just one person and has now scaled back up to 6 employees. This has left us in a strange place with mismatching hardware, operating systems and processes. Do you think the best would be one central server and then new, updated physical workstations for each user?
  5. What games are you looking at playing? List your top 3-5 so people can better advise you... For reference... I have a 1600AF (6 cores) paired with a 1650 Super and I get great FPS in CS:GO (180 at the absolute worst). I get good FPS in more demanding titles like COD, Battlefield etc but at lower quality settings.
  6. Hiya I am wondering if anyone has had any experience with what I'm trying to do or if anyone is able to offer up any advice... All of this is in the context of a small business with roughly 6 employees (pc based). We currently have a windows 10 desktop PC acting as our primary server. From this PC we manage our databases, store all of our files and run our proprietary software for our employees (as it needs live access to the databases). All of our company data is stored on and backed up to this server and from here we backup to another on-site physical device which is
  7. Very simply, yes, yes you can. Once connected to your second monitor, Windows defaults to duplicated mode so both monitors will show the same thing. Right click on your desktop and choose the display settings option. Scroll down to where you see Multiple displays and choose the option "extend these displays". Apply if it prompts you to keep changes and then you can go back to the top of that same page and move the box with the number 2 on it to the left, right, above or below the box with number 1 to match the physical configuration of your monitors.
  8. I have a GTX 1650 super paired with a Ryzen 5 1600AF and I get the following: CS:GO - 180-240FPS @ 144Hz (highest settings, depending on the map). Warzone - 80-90 FPS on mostly ultra settings set to 144hz but obviously not reaching that. ( i could drop to medium and get 150FPS but meh) Rocket League - 200+ FPS @144Hz on highest settings. Cyberpunk 2077 - 40-70FPS on lowest settings, dependent on the scene and lighting. Unfortunately I can't remember exactly what I get on Minecraft but I can tell you it surpasses 144 on max settings and render distance.
  9. I use a standard cctv multichannel system for my external cameras that connects to the web and I use iVMS4500HD to remote access those 8 cameras. Internally I use old smart phones running the app Alfred Camera. No subscription unless you want the premium features. Its really great!
  10. It depends entirely on the pure amount of data you're wanting to store and number of games you frequently play. my 2c... I would get an NVMe drive for your OS and "documents, excel files, pdf, game saves etc." (because they don't take up a whole lot of space. Depending on the size of this drive you could save particular programs, games etc that you use frequently and want ultimate performance for. The rest of your programs and games etc can go onto a slightly larger SSD for very good performance (only slightly less than NVMe). You could also run an HDD with an SSD cach
  11. Thats awesome! Thank you. I'm going to have to do a lot of research and fiddling around with it but I'll try!
  12. This was super helpful! Thank you! I had no idea you could do that and that would be easier now than getting an SSD (prices have gone crazy where I live). Thanks again!
  13. Been wondering the same thing. Something to do with the direction it pulls the air?
  14. Thank you, yeah, sorry about that haha I got carried away! XD Basically exactly what you guys have given me, I wouldn't have picked up on the RAM requirements until at least much later. You've also given me some things to read up on. I've heard of Veeam but Get Backup and Bacula I hadn't heard of so I'll look those up. You mention ARC cache as well, I'll look it up but I'm assuming thats for the more frequently used files or does it serve a different purpose? Also, what do you guys think of running the OS off of a USB until I can get my hands on a small SSD?