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  1. Would I get good audio for gaming, and is it worth spending $100+ just for "better" audio. Would like to save myself the money if that alc 1220 is good enough
  2. I did 80 hz and play some games and didnt crash. it ran fine Does OC monitor kill itself or the heat if it does generate tons of heat
  3. I have 4k 60 hz monitor. I run it at 1080p 60 hz but can i OC it as i have 1080 not the 4k small resolution gets 75 hz
  4. Some people say using aluminum blocks , taking them apart. and anodizing them a color prevens corrosion. does this allow it to be paired with copper/brass rad
  5. Thanks, I been searching soo much info but no one could really say what works and what shouldn't.
  6. Why do some people say aluminum radiator and aluminum cpu block fine but copper cpu block and Aluminum Radiator is bad? Also some AIO have a Aluminum plate, how does it not corrode? people say its fine and some say its bad? Whats true about same material and mixing material
  7. Just simple. Whats the good and bad of having: 1.Full nickel OR 2.Full copper
  8. I have 3 photos on bottom. Which one of the 2 external laptob gpu, would work with that connector. please help I tried putting a ssd from a chromebook but fail
  9. I mostly Plan to play: Rainbow Six Siege Call of duty Black Ops 4 (When it comes out) CSGO Fortnite (others as well) With a 1080Ti and 8700k wouldnt a 240 hz be good? I dont plan on doing 4k gaming reason why im geting 1080p
  10. The max size on their res/pump combo is 140 Im wanting a 250
  11. EKWB Reservoirs are too Small in their combo kits if I just get the mods, I can add what ever size I want I would to thermaltake but I think EKWB is better
  12. I heard there was a way to mod this pump,https://www.ekwb.com/shop/ek-ddc-3-2-pwm-laing-ddc-3-2-pwm To have a Reservoir on top. I was able to find heatsink mod. but does anyone know were the top mod is? AND Should I do this or is there something better?
  13. So all metals are fine being mixed(except aluminum)? or if i can stick to 1 and use cryofuel? whats the best way to do this
  14. So buy everything in nickel, fittings and everything
  15. What do you mean by "certain setups"