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  1. I upgraded to that when it happened. Debunking this is essentially the only thing worth talking about.
  2. Recently bought a 970 evo-plus. It's my first foray into nvme drives so im a bit clueless. I ran some synthetic benchmarks and it runs basically slower across the board no matter what i do. Im wondering if this is a issue with the platform i'm running it on or if its an issue with the chip or something else entirely. Motherboard: Gigabyte Z170x Gaming 7 CPU: Intel 6700k 4.5Ghz RAM: 32GB Corsair 3000mhz GPU: MSI GTX 1060 6GB Here some screenshots. It caps out at 2.5gb/s. From other review sites ive seen i could reasonably expect 3.0gb/s or higher in ATTO.
  3. If this needs to be moved to a different section of the site i understand. I posted here because this sections gets lots of views, and i view this as a VERY important cause. #UnsilenceSBSK YouTube has taken the discriminatory action of disabling all of SBSK's comment sections despite their overwhelming positivity. We need your assistance in persuading them to reverse this decision that will be extremely harmful to our movement towards inclusion of disability. SBSK is a non profit channel created by Chris Ulmer. Special Books by Specia
  4. Was just about to say that! All those people were complaining about the 808 too... Guess there was a method behind the madness.
  5. Lol I'm starting to seriously think this guy is going to take the money and run to a non extradition country. I mean seriously it gets shadier by the day. They are taking wayyyyyy to long to release anything of real substance.
  6. This entire forum follows what Linus and his team say like its the gospel. And since they are on team green at LTT any "pro-amd" sentiment is almost non existent even for the products that really are genuine winners.
  7. Nearly two hours of the maximum PC crew sucking the dicks of an NVIDIA PR team..... Sweet....
  8. Looks to me like the majority of the thread is in disagreement with Linus, plus or minus a few fan-boys. I have to go on what I've seen him say himself. 1. There was a WAN show a while back that showed he had it installed. 2. On yet another different WAN show he has stated that the revenue strictly from AdSense is extremely minor at best, and doesn't really pay any salaries. In addition, using adblock across all web surfing could indeed lead to a safer internet browsing experience (albeit minor). I say thumbs up to adblock at this point, Linus is 800,000+ subscribers and whin
  9. It was the LG tv of the same dimensions for about 60 bucks more. Definitely worth the extra cash to ensure no shenanigans.
  10. I bought a SEIKI 32 inch TV around this time last year. THIS ONE TO BE EXACT. I had it out of the box for all of 3 hours before i was on my way back to Best Buy. It was just terrible in just about every aspect. It also had a somewhat traumatizing effect on me. Ever since then I have been "overly cautious" about buying Electronics that seem TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE price wise, because they usually are! I ended up with this one instead that i had to pay a bit more for, and i am very satisfied.
  11. I smell a contradiction... lol EDIT: I'm guessing you are just referring to the actual chips inside the cards being compatible.
  12. This may sound dumb, but what API does the PlayStation ecosystem run on? Is it not also directx?
  13. What a load. A bunch of cheap BS wrapped in aluminum for over a grand. Way to shit on customers everywhere. NEWS FLASH, you can still innovate and progress a market without gouging customers. Its almost insulting that they went with that price point. Like they know the only people dumb enough to buy it aren't concerned with money anyway. Funny how that works. Where are you when we need you STEVE JOBS! |RIP|
  14. No worries fellow members, it's not actually your faults! The mods should have closed this thread a while ago. Also, DAAMMNNNNN that's a sexy piece of case!