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  1. I'm trying to see if the rtx 2080 is good for 1080p gaming cause i have a 1080p monitor as of now. I'm planing of upgrading my gaming monitor soon to a 2k monitor 144hz 1ms response. Just asking if it preforms well in 1080p and 1440p.
  2. 1440p res yea ive come to a conclusion that i wont need an ips panel anymore. instead i can just adjust the settings on the monitor
  3. i was thinking about this: https://www.asus.com/us/Monitors/ROG-SWIFT-PG278QR/wheretobuy/
  4. im getting a gtx 1080. i just want to be able to see opponents properly. edit: either a 2k or a basic 1080p res
  5. o true yea lol umm i miss read it but yea
  6. hi i just want to know any good monitors that fit my criteria : 144hz, 1ms, g-sync (IDK ABOUT TN OR IPS), 27 inch and yea im pretty new about monitors and specification on it. I just want to play fps games with no input lag and all that stuff. oh yea don't put links here cuz its against the guidelines.
  7. I have the Steinberg UR12 I find no problem with it. I could recommend that to you.
  8. I forgot to note that i was going to set a triple monitor setup. 1 gaming monitor and 2 just for production. My budget is $800 max.
  9. Asus VG278Q Yea my question was if the colour was good enough cause i saw some reviews that there were some problems and stuff...
  10. Yung Grass


    Thanks man this website is super useful lovin it so far lmao!!!!
  11. Hi, I am really confused and really don't know which monitor to get from asus. I want a gaming monitor 27" 1ms 144hz WITH GOOD COLOR. What I mean by good color is the monitor being as close as accurate. I mean i could go for an isp monitor but I'm really using it for gaming and somewhat of video/photo editing. I don't really know just please let me know whats good. Note: It really doesn't really matter if it's asus or not. I just want a monitor that fits my criteria.
  12. Yung Grass


    i made a thread so that i could just say hi. ;/
  13. To be totally honest, both of these headphones has similar specs. If going to get something between these two headphones, I'd choose the one that is a little bit expensive because I want that premium stuff. But if you are on a budget, anything decent for a good price wound be fine. A recommendation if you you can go wired is the Audio-Technica ATH-M50x. This headphone has a more rich sound and it also has a better build quality than the Audio-Techinca ATH-M40x. It really depends on the setting and the use of headphones.
  14. Yeah I'm going to research more about monitors. I need monitors for multitasking for productivity. Also I need some space for my studio speakers. I do have a 2 meter desk. Although I want to keep my setup consistent and symmetrically aligned. I was thinking of getting a single 144hz monitor with either 2 or 1 60hz all in 24 inch. If there is a problem with the compatibility of these monitors please let me know .
  15. Mainly multitasking and having one game on monitor. Yea let me know what kind of setup.