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  1. Wouldn't it be better to do that via software? Also, can't do that if it's the GPU or PSU, need to replace it and kind of difficult ATM ... anyway, thanks
  2. I'm about to organize a major computer cleaning and my warranties (except for the PSU) are about to expire. So I decided to tackle this issues that's been plaguing me for a while. Every time I use my computer, my fans make strange noises .... sometimes it sounds like a fly was cought between the blades, other times it sounds like an old train in the USSR on the railroad. I'ma provide some audio samples of what I hear and my temps etc. What do you think the issue is? What should I send (should I do that at all) any of my components to the manufacturer for RMA? PS: Ignore my swearin
  3. I don't really trust this as much as others do. I mean, you put some no-name Chinese trash in tier A while my Supernova G3 Gold 650 is merely a tier B and not a very good one at that? It should have melted by now on my 380W 1080 and R5 2600X (they're almost always at 100%)....
  4. I like dragons and I like Daytonas (the car) so why not? anyway, got all figured out, thanks for your input...for 100$ at the most, I don't think the gtx 1070 is worth the drop in performance.
  5. Anyway, got my final build https://pcpartpicker.com/list/ (ignore the PSU, will go with something else, probably locally, as they aren't as expensive here as cpus or other parts). Also, there seem to be 2 Western Digital Black SSDs. 1 has 256 GB is a bit slower and costs about 80$ and the other has 250GB, is faster a bit and cost about 110$...why the price difference (I figured the speeds already)?
  6. For multiple reasons, one of which is that I don't live in the US yet local prices are too high, I have to use a system builder like nzxt's bld. Also, I won't really have the time to upgrade my GPU later. Or should I just buy a laptop and be done with it
  7. Hey guys. I'm in the process of building a PC that will be used for gaming, streaming, vm and C# programming. I've already almost decided on a Ryzen 5 2600x and an MSI x470. However, I can't seem to decide what to pick for GPU. A 1080, 1070 or 1070 TI. I know 1080 is OP for a 1080P display (it's still 60 Hz) but I want the build to last for 2-3 years and still be able to play at Ultra-Max 50-60 fps at that time. Right now I can play games on Ultra with FPS in the hundreds with a 1080. But how about in 2020? There already are games like FF XV that barely hit 50 fps on ultra 1080 on a 1070. Plea