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  1. Hi, is it possible to display out / video out from phone to monitor / tv / whatever. i mean video out with a cable ofc not through wifi. My phones are still on usb micro b. Moto g6 play and/or huawei p10 lite
  2. Hello. I have huawei p9 lite with the famous issue when the wifi/Bluetooth won't work. I thought using wifi adapter with OTG might help me with reciving wifi signal on the phone. How could i do this? Is it even possible? I have atheros ar9271 borrowed from a friend just to test out but i will be buying another wifi adapter if i get this one to work.
  3. lol i dont know. There were pictures of bmw m3 e46 camo and s4 b7 digital
  4. like if we are talking about fire the cable on the monitor im using for the laptop (it has cracked screen so i use monitor) almost went on fire, but i was 2m from it
  5. Look i honestly think this is s**t, here in my country everyone is using power supplies that are much much lower quality and same age as the fsp, but i never heard anyone burn to death. This pc is a bit more power consuming then their stuff and thats why im afraid, not to blow up the thing im building more than half an year and i will be building half a year more lol
  6. Sure i know what you mean but do you count radeon hd 6850 as high end stuff?
  7. i will be 100% honest now. the reason why i want to buy such garbage is that i'm 14 and i'm building this pc on my own. to save 10$ i will need 1month, to buy psu from 50 will take at least 4-5 months from now, than i need case 10$ or more, than i need gpu that will cost 30$ at least, now i have core2duo and i need core2quad thats 20$. i'd reather risk keep using this dual core 1.3ghz laptop that cant run 720p video on youtube than waiting more than half a year. i dont say i won't care for your suggestions and stuff but good quality psu are just too expensive for me.
  8. sure here you go: ddstore.mk http://www.anhoch.com/ http://setec.mk/ http://niko.com.mk/
  9. i asked the cheapest store here for psu that has at least one 6-pin connector, cheapest one was 2750mkd or just over 50$. i know what are you trying to say but unfortunetly i have no 50$. i found 1 year old gembrid 600w psu for 30$ if you think it will do any better tell me.
  10. ok fair proof fair results. you seem much more realistic guy, would you use 350W psu on that system or no?
  11. Same here, trying to explain that to thoese guys here.