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    i7-7700k @5.5GHz V1.5
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    MSI Z270 SLI
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    Corsair Vengeance 2400 2x8GB (3200MHz CAS14)
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    MSI GTX 1060 6GB ARMOR OCV1 C2.5 M5.0
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    Cougar Panzer S
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    LG-UM59A-P, Dell Seh, LG Tv
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    G502 Proteus Spectrum
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    Custom HP Pavilion M7-1015dx (Dual Subs, Quad Stocks, i7-3940XM, GTX 990M, Matted and upgraded Display, C920 Pro integrated, 16GB of 2400c13, RGB keyboard lighting "Individual", Slim 120mm fan, 15cell Battery, Black Anodized Aluminium shell)

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  1. Are the people using Windows 11 just trying it out or something?
  2. Sony/Magix has crap for GPU support I have come to understand. The amount of trouble to get a 10 series to work in 13/14 is bull####. 15 works the best by far using Nvenc. CUDA profile doesn't acknowledge new GPUs and uses CPU instead with it still selected. If I got rid of the GPU completely I'd be able to afford 1/4 of my fuel system for my Audi, which would only cover the Injectors. Also any new Vegas Pro is plagued with issues and I haven't had a problem so I see no reason to change. Even people with 14 and 15 have problems and I have not ever had any, until using newer hardware which
  3. I don't know. I don't pay attention to tech stuff like I used to. I only found out cause I was having trouble so I started looking up stuff again. I haven't been attentive since like 2018 Edit: Speaking of which I still use 1809, no thanks new windows. Screw updates.
  4. If I downgrade I will have better video editing support as Sony Vegas 13 14 half on 15, don't support the 2080. If I'm able to trade the card and make some money its well worth it to me. I've personal never had any problems until upgrading to this GPU and its kinda sad for 700$ that this card is a load of baloney I've only had problems with it. And previous gen it was fine, even on my 1080 and 1060.
  5. I have no voltage control, "MSI RTX 2080 DUKE Voltage?" , "I've been unsuccessful and can't find any other info on the card. It doesn't overclock at all. 50+ Core and 100+ Ram, and that's it."
  6. Can you not open taskmanger? I only heard of Windows 11 like 2 days ago. In 10 there is many ways to access things without have things in front of you. Powershell? Command Prompt? Safe mode? etc
  7. I've been unsuccessful and can't find any other info on the card. It doesn't overclock at all. 50+ Core and 100+ Ram, and that's it. It runs better with no overclock. I Think the DUKE name is one of the cheaper cards if I'm not mistaken. I have found a few $100 MSI 980Tis to mess with and I'm willing to downgrade to a 1080Ti. Im not willing to buy a 3080 or Ti model until they have fixed the crashing and burning stuff and come out with a new revision.
  8. I have overclocked my ram a few times to see what kind of timing I could get, and then put it back to normal how it has been for the past year. A little before and after that I've had Roblox crash randomly for no reason. I have a crappy MSI RTX 2080 Duke that doesn't overclock at all compared to my 1060 Since the past 2 days, I've gotten BOSD Kernal kernel_mode_heap_corruption and critical_structural_corruption Also Chrome doesn't like me and wants to give me Status break point errors and all kinds of stupid things by scrolling on Facebook marketplace or just watching a video an
  9. Sorry, got side tracked, and forgot to post the link (hehehe) https://www.dr-lex.be/hardware/hdar_review.html Also this thing has lots of products they are talking about, sorry that I do not have time to search it right now tho. https://www.ecoustics.com/electronics/forum/accessories/1656.html
  10. I'm not one to bump down, resolution or settings. I play on the 2560x1080. Though the 1060 is directed at 1080p. It handles 2560x1080 fine, but it can't handle BeamNG.drive even if setting are lowered. Lowering setting in that game makes it look what it isn't supposed to look like, "crap". 5.5Ghz was a one time run, with some question set up on my fans.. and house fans. I normally run it at 5.2Ghz. Also the GPU is maxing out, while CPU sits at 23-40 usage. $249 was when I was gonna sell it during the summer. I've been busy since then, with school, and car work, and a lo
  11. He doesn't have a card. Also, at this point, I don't think it would be wise to sell it.
  12. I would go to the setting in taskbar, and mess with those. or Task Manger and just restart the File Explorer
  13. Didn't realize they went down that far o-o. I haven't looked at eBay in awhile, just did tho. I guess I can just give it to my brother and buy a new card. selling it for 150$ when I bought it for 239$ doesn't really roll for me.
  14. 2560x1080 75Hz and 2x 1920x1080's. I'm also always using Wallpaper engine. I play BeamNG.drive and I'm a graphical and customization freak when it comes to that game. I can't hit 75Hz on really large maps or the normal one for that matter sometimes. Also the reason I would by one and use it with my resolution is because I do YouTube, and I have had a bad experience with lower and higher and a blob of that; "Other than 1080p" crap. So I'm sticking with this and it doesn't bother me. I just need more power than a 1060.
  15. Is it like this??? What in the world do you intend to do? Lol, only audio related thing I'm doing is burning cd's for my car, cause no AUX or Bluetooth. (1996 Camaro) and I want it stock as possible. But I have used something like, a pass through of the front input ports of my case, and went through the mother board via the mixer. (Found this randomly messing with my speakers and my yeti with my headset plugged into it)