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  1. How did you overclocked your ram I saw your post .l have the same 2400mhz Corsair Vengeance

    1. Eton


      I have the B350M MSI mobo and I just went into the overclocking section of the BIOS and halfway down there are options for the DIMMs

  2. I've recently built a pc .specs: CPU :amd ryzen3 2200G MOBO:MSI B450M pro-VDH Storage :WD blue1TB RAM :Corsair Vengeance Lpx 8GB single stick PSU :Cooler master mwe450 watt But don't play high end games but still the performance is not so great .I watched benchmark videos of ryzen2200G they showed better fps but when I play I didn't get much fps . For example in a video I saw 30-35 fps on gta 5 low settings of ryzen3 2200G. But I installed gta4! and still get to see 35-40 fps on low settings. So I searched on the internet and got a solution for this which os increase the d
  3. I am planning to build a pc and i'm very close to it now; but suddenly I heard from somewhere about UPS .So my question is that do I really need a UPS for my pc even with a good brand powersupply .So please someone answer me if it is required or not Or if required which would be better to buy
  4. I am building a pc with ryzen3 2200G and msi B450M pro-VDH motherboard.The ram is Gskills ripjaws V 8GB single stick.One 240GB SSD and a 1TB HDD 7.2k RPM from WD.I will try to add add atleast 3 120mm fans in my case for better airflow and a better cpu cooler.I wan't to add a gtx 1060 in future and I'm going to overclock both 1060 and the ryzen 3.When I calculated the psu wattage it was around 338watt. But I doubt if a 450watt psu is enough for my build with overclocking , If not which psu should I buy to satisfy the power requirements considering my budget of Rs.4000 for psu.
  5. I wanted to build a new pc with ryzen 3 2200G APU and a B350 motherboard from the msi .But recently I noticed that B350 motherboards from all the manufacturers are out of stock from all online & offline stores in india(In which the older stocks which are not sold out are not included).So I just don't understand the reason behind it ,also I heard somewhere on a YouTube that the stocks arriving has been discontinued .Do the manufacturers want their newly manufactured B350 motherboards to support the amd's latest processors or there is some other reason behind this. I actually wa