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  1. Hi! So i have started building a pc and currently im looking for a "Budget" Monitor as what I call it. For now the best I can get is one of these 75/60 hz monitors since 144hz are almost triple as much and thats too much for now lol. I will game CS:GO / PUBG on one of these. Anyway I found these monitors and which one do you think its the best? For me the LG looks really good expect it dosent have inbuilt speaker which is no big deal. Tell me your Thougts! ? Monitors: -LG 22MK400H-B (1ms, 75Hz) Link: https://www.lg.com/pa_
  2. Yo found one 5 year warranty psu by thermaltake rgb aswell 500w 80+ Whats your thought on this one? Its same price aswell. https://www.itopya.com/thermaltake-smart-500w-80-plus-12cm-rgb-fanli-psu/
  3. hahhaah no havent bought any of the parts yet. What im saying is that I dont think the older gens support the 8th gen motherboard.
  4. yo sorry for the very late response lol, yeah i skipped doing that going for a desktop build.
  5. Thankyou will take a look on it, Will also take a look at some i5`s you said. Doe my motherboard is 8th gen older cpu still support it ?
  6. Sorry I didnt understand what you ment about the psu at the end but Could you then perhaps give some links to some better psu around that price range? And why are they risky? As I said im on a tight budget, later in time that will come aswell Thankyou
  7. Yeah I will meet the person face to face thought its better. Well not maybe 144fps in pubg but i will definately have more than 144fps in csgo thats why. Do you think 60hz is enough?
  8. Hello everybody! Hope you all have a good day in your lives. This build will be my first build so Im a bit excited to build it lol. Its a budget build, all new except the GPU. Which I will look for a used 950. Now I had plans for a gt1030 instead then I skipped it and said I wanted to go for the 1050ti, doe im finding some good prices for used 950 around 120-140$. Currently im living in Turkey and the prices here are way up. Brand new 950 goes a thick lower then the 1050ti which is a bit funny aswell. So the goal here in this build is to play CS:GO / PUBG which the
  9. yes, went to a pc servis turns out the laptops hinge is broken and they say they have to fix it unless if they open the pc it wont be able to close agian. The hinge replacement costs double the pc cleanup+paste. Currently I have a web page project which I have to finish until monday so will do it after that time. Just thinking for my self is it worth it? have no other choise doe.
  10. over 7 years lmao, here is the link https://www.notebookcheck.net/Packard-Bell-Easynote-TS11-Series.51452.0.html
  11. Thankyou I will give it a try tomorrow. Hopefully the paste will do the job.
  12. I gave it to service a few months ago but he said it was clean. Im putting my cooler with one big fan under. Doe it dosent cool it well. I put like books or something sometimes under it. Ofcourse I leave open space for the fan aswell.
  13. Yes I used to play the old dust2 (rip) minumum 100 fps which was so great! New dust2 cut the fps by 30-40 fps. Really sad that they changed the normal d2 since It was the best. I mainly play and can only play cahce and mirage.
  14. My friend I tried it aswell. How does it still get so high up even when i underclock lmaooo. Tried it