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  1. Port looks standard. Nothing abnormal based on looks. Don't have any pictures ATM. I've looked at it next to my ps4 and they look exactly the same.
  2. I just got a ps5 and am trying to connect a standard cat 5 cable to the ethernet port. The cable will not go into the port. It's the weirdest thing I've ever seen its like something is stuck in the port not letting it go in. I've tried multiple cables with no luck. Anyone else have this problem?
  3. Yeah I've been thinking of doing that. Would there be much of a difference at 1440p though
  4. I have a 3060 ti and a ryzen 7 3700x with 2400mhz memory. There are certain places on the map where I struggle for 50 fps at 1440p. Nothing changes the fps. I've tried changing to 1080p and low settings. I've tried dlss on every setting. Is this a cpu bottleneck?
  5. Video may work now too had to add permission
  6. I have a 3060ti and an i5 8400 at 1440p. Just wondering is this a bottleneck in this game play? https://drive.google.com/file/d/12OWcR7Y8gjlbLbk85L-aarirFET0FyPk/view?usp=sharing As you can see in the video gpu usage drops below 80 in some scenarios and cpu usage is consistent at around 95 to 100. Thinking about upgrading to a ryzen 7 3700x
  7. Thanks for the explanation.
  8. I'm looking to get a new monitor for my computer and ps5. I've been looking at the Samsung odyssey g5 which is 100 dollars off right now but 1440p. I know ps5 can't accept native 1440p support but it will downscale to 1080p right. Just not sure if its worth upgrading from my 1080p 60fps monitor. I say I play console and pc an even amount. Anyone know how ps5 would look downscaled?
  9. No sorry should have specified. I was just trying to decide if I should buy a 3070. People were trying to claim that 8gb won't be enough for newer games due to the new console specs.
  10. I see a lot of people claiming that the 3070 is not a good purchase due to its 8gb of vram whereas the ps5 has 16gb. But from my understand ing the 16gb is split between system memory and vram right? Anyone know how much is assigned to each task?
  11. I'm currently doing a mass upgrade to my pc setup. Planning on getting a 5600x and a 3070 when stocks return. I only have a 1080p 60hz monitor currently and was looking at a good upgrade. 1440p 144hz or 4k 60hz. I'm also planning on getting a ps5 at some point next year. Taking this into consideration what is the best option. Current specs: I5 8400 Vega 56
  12. I'm not using mods. Tried disabling hair works same problem. And no I didn't use ddu to remove