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    Hiro Hamada reacted to BlueChinchillaEatingDorito in WINDOWS - Remove Time & Date completely   
    Considering even smartphones have checks during bootup that require the date and time (which is why before if you set your iPhone's date to Jan. 1, 1970, it would brick the device), I would image Windows would crap itself if it has no idea what time it is. 
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    Hiro Hamada got a reaction from Levent in WINDOWS - Remove Time & Date completely   
    1. Nothing is impossible. Maybe no one has figured it out yet
    2. I know
    It is dumb but yet I just got the idea of *what will happen if I removed time and date from windows?*. There is no electronic communication device that doesn't have time in it but yet nobody has cracked the software to remove the time from any device
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    Hiro Hamada reacted to svmlegacy in WINDOWS - Remove Time & Date completely   
    The time and date is very important for networking, and most programs. You could do it if you wrote your own OS and stuff, sure, but not with other people's software.
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    Hiro Hamada reacted to Levent in WINDOWS - Remove Time & Date completely   
    1-) you can't
    2-) you won't be able browse https websites and will break almost every type of encrypted communication.
    This sounds extremely dumb, may I ask what are you trying to do?
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    Hiro Hamada reacted to Lurick in Air Conditioning - Is it ok to turn on the ceiling fan?   
    I've never heard that and I always run my ceiling fans with the AC to help move the air around the room and keep things feeling cooler, which should be a good thing.
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    Hiro Hamada reacted to ewitte in UPS for a gaming PC   
    I use 1500VA cyberpower.  UPS system's don't have a huge amount of battery storage it can handle 800W but has probably 100W of available power or less available and SLA dies fast if you keep discharging it.  The way SLA works if you discharge it fast you will probably only get 50W out of it the ratings are for a 20 hour discharge rate!  I use a lithium 1500/3000W yeti for the farmer's market it has 1000W usable power by contrast (and I plug in a 100W solar panel so it barely goes down with a fridge and fan on it in 90F+ weather).
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    Hiro Hamada reacted to keskparane in Power Cut while Gaming   
    I have a Cyberpoer CP1300EPFCLCDa. I can run my system (see profile) at full power for 10-15 minutes with both monitors and 300W external speakers and adsl modem.
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    Hiro Hamada reacted to dgsddfgdfhgs in Torrent Downloads   
    from my understanding torrent itself isnt illegal, its just a way to share files.
    what is illegal is sharing the unauthorised copyrighted files
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    Hiro Hamada reacted to Atmos in Torrent Downloads   
    Can't help you with anything illegal when it comes to torrents here, against the CoC.
    However, i can explain a few things.
    Peers are people who are either leaching or seeding a torrent
    Seeding is allowing people to download portions of a torrent from yourself
    Leaching is people downloading portions of torrents from others
    Torrents are basically folders broken down into smaller components that are then hosted by a seeder. peers can then leach or download those packets directly from the person seeding them.
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    Hiro Hamada reacted to Mira Yurizaki in Torrent Downloads   
    The torrenting protocol itself is not illegal to use. In fact peer-to-peer downloading protocols may be used in distribution services because it eases the burden of needing to have centralized servers.
    It's just that one of the most common uses for torrenting is to pirate stuff.
    The basics of a torrent is someone has a file they want to share, so they provide a torrent file which connects to their BitTorrent server. Then clients who open the torrent file start downloading from this person. The file comes in more or less randomly, and as other people get the file, they too can share it with others on the network if they have a chunk of data that someone else doesn't.
    A peer is anyone who's using the torrent. A leech is someone who doesn't have everything in the torrent's contents. There's also one other type of person, a seed, this is someone who has the entirety of the torrent's contents and is purely uploading them.
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    Hiro Hamada reacted to slashqpbyte in Torrent Downloads   
    Is that the only website that dose that? You may have a browser redirect virus, or some other type of malware / ransomware on your pc.
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    Hiro Hamada reacted to TempestCatto in Torrent Downloads   
    We cannot help you with illegal downloads, it's against the rules here. You'll have to do your own research on your questions. But as for the "government block" the only thing you can do is a good VPN (maybe TOR? Idk, never really used it myself). This thread will probs be locked in a hot minute.
    Also to clarify, the act of peer to peer networking is not illegal, rather it's what you usually get out of it that is. Most people use torrents for free content they'd otherwise have to pay for. There are legit torrents, like some Linux distros actually have their own torrent file.
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    Hiro Hamada reacted to AHaskin14 in Cooling Soutions   
    As for cooling, your cooler and temps you're seeing are perfectly normal. Any cooler system can be modified to work on the computer, but an a/c of that size would be impractical. If you're concerned, get a bigger AIO cooler.
    Turning you're computer on and off does no harm, and putting it to sleep is perfectly fine, that's usually all I do to mine.
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    Hiro Hamada reacted to FrostyRob in Cooling Soutions   
    Answers to the best of my knowledge:
    1. If the air conditioner cools the ambient temperatures in the room it MAY make the available coolers in the computer work better as the temperature difference between the heat generating hardware and the air blowing over them (in one way or another) is greater.  However your current temperatures under a mild to moderate load (as you described) are perfectly normal and not anywhere near a point of concern.
    2. A power outage during any sort of electronic usage should not cause any problem.  A power SURGE may, but your computer should be plugged into a surge protector at the very least anyways and if I'm not mistaken many power supplies have some sort of surge protection built in to them now as well.  But no, a loss of power should not be any concern.  Windows may just tell you that it did not shut down properly or whatever when it turns back on.
    3. Task manager shows high CPU usage during games?  Of course it does.  Even old games demand the CPU work to display the images your GPU has rendered. Your power supply has MORE than enough power for any possible scenario with your given hardware.  You could go up to a 2080ti GPU and overclock it and still have power headroom.  
    4. Turning off an electronic item should never degrade its life.  Something mechanical with moving parts may be adversely affected by frequent power cycling, but computer hardware should be fine being left on, or turned off daily.  It is personal preference. Just allow it to go to "sleep" and it will be fine.
    5. As long as your monitor is not displaying any static image such as : No display signal : or something similar that just sits in one place, you should be fine.  The main concern with that is image burn-in with LCD monitors.  I never turn my computer or monitor off. 
    And your last question without a number. As long as your computer has enough "breathing room" behind it to allow that hot air to move away from the computer you are fine.  The only major concern here is if you had an INTAKE fan close to that exhaust fan and you were recycling hot air through the system.  That does not appear to be the case so no worries here.
    Other thoughts - after looking at your photos it appears that your computer is on the floor, which is ok, but that does tend to create a more dusty and dirty environment.  A dirty system can eventually lead to fans not working as they should and can gum up the fins in your AIO rad.  I would suggest doing some cleaning around your PC with compressed air or similar to clean it out and perhaps move your computer onto a desk rather than leaving it on the floor.  
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    Hiro Hamada got a reaction from thybarbam in What to look for in a projector.   
    I recommended SONY or Phillips projectors
  17. Informative
    Hiro Hamada reacted to X_X in TDP for 1070Ti   
    Not necessarily, for Intel the actual hardware shutdown CPU temperature is around 125C-130C. Now your software ACPI may be set to shutdown before then otherwise providing thermal monitoring isn't disabled or power management hasn't been initialized such as Skylake non-k OC then with zero offset applied to the Temperature Target aka Tjmax the processor will throttle at 100C in an attempt to keep the temperature from increasing.
    Similar with nVidia GPU, you can set a cap for temperature which when exceeded will throttle down to base clock and only appears to further throttle when near maximum settable temperature. For my 1050Ti that is 97C, when hitting 96C it will throttle below base clock otherwise only down clocks to base clock. There are also hardware limits of 99C for slowdown temperature whatever that means exactly and shutdown temp is 102C. For my 1080 it's 96C and 99C respectively.
    You can check with the nvsmi utility that usually installs with the nvidia drivers. "nvidia-smi.exe -q -d temperature" 
    It's nice to have these features should the cooling fan(s) stop for some reason such as a bug or failure or water pump for that matter.
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    Hiro Hamada reacted to 191x7 in A Voltage Stabilizer Necessary or Not?   
    @Hiro Hamadasince your UPS already has AVR I don't see the need for an additional stabilizer. Are you sure you need such a redundancy?
  19. Informative
    Hiro Hamada reacted to 191x7 in A Voltage Stabilizer Necessary or Not?   
    I have one of the cheapest UPS-es on our market, CentraLion (C-Lion) Blazer Vista 800 and it has AVR, it's not an expensive tech to implement.
    @Hiro Hamadasupposedly the series features "Super Boost Automatic Voltage Regulator".
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    Hiro Hamada reacted to 191x7 in A Voltage Stabilizer Necessary or Not?   
    Most UPS devices have a feature called AVR - Automatic Voltage Regulation - used to smoothen the voltage spikes and decrease or increase the voltage to the preferred range.
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    Hiro Hamada reacted to WereCatf in A Voltage Stabilizer Necessary or Not?   
    You'll have to look at your UPS's specs. Some of them do offer voltage-stabilization and surge-protection, some of them don't.
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    Hiro Hamada reacted to SkilledRebuilds in TDP for 1070Ti   
    The answer to your original question is yes..
    the GPU will throttle clocks under extreme heat..
    Past 83*c. You can set this yourself via MSI AB.
    Stay under 83*c when gaming and it'll perform exactly as it should.
    Most GPUs in well ventilated cases and decent weather's outside... Should be around 65-75*c under load (dependant of World location/climate)
    It won't just keep getting warm until 83*c and throttle. It'll balance out before then, and will hold a good boost clock and decent temps. IMO.
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    Hiro Hamada reacted to QXC in TDP for 1070Ti   
    Just wanted to quote this to make sure it gets seen. Thermal Junction != Thermal Design Power.
    TDP is a measurement of how much heat the chip can put out in regular use (typically measured in Watts), or how much heat a cooler can adequately dissipate. TDP is also very vague and should only be used as a very rough rule of thumb, much better to reviews of someone testing X chip at Y settings with Z cooler if you're curious about performance (or noise).
    Back to the original post, the fans turn off when the GPU is cool enough. If the card is working correctly, the fans will turn back on when the GPU gets above a set temperature. All of the modern CPUs/GPUs I can think of will throttle and then shut down as temps rise. It's impossible to "get the magic smoke out of the chip" from overheating now, stuff like that went away many years ago.
    No reason not to throw it in the PC, fire up a temp monitor program, game for a few hours and see how it goes. I suspect it will be perfectly fine.
  24. Informative
    Hiro Hamada reacted to Jurrunio in TDP for 1070Ti   
    It's called Tjmax or max junction temperature, not TDP.
    Safe temperature is up to 95C, the GPU won't shut down until that. However because of how GPU boost works (and I suspect how this architecture reacts to temperature), it drops frequency slowly as temperature rises to about 80C, then takes a nose dive going past 85. This still happens even if you max out the temperature limit in OC tools such as MSI Afterburner, so keep that in mind.
  25. Funny
    Hiro Hamada reacted to SkilledRebuilds in TDP for 1070Ti   
    He stated its max capable temp.
    Not what he gets.