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  1. I know this topic is a bit old to discuss but I wanted to know if there is anyway to access my phone storage as a seperate drive letter like all my other drives partitions in my PC. Now I've been reading blogs about Android telling that the versions after 4.0 did not have the USB Mass Storage option when connecting to the windows PC. So far many are telling it's absolutely not possible because android made sure of that even with USB debugging enabled. I don't even know what to call the *device* that's been connected to the PC as shown in the image - Galaxy J7 Max Is there any possi
  2. 1. Nothing is impossible. Maybe no one has figured it out yet 2. I know It is dumb but yet I just got the idea of *what will happen if I removed time and date from windows?*. There is no electronic communication device that doesn't have time in it but yet nobody has cracked the software to remove the time from any device
  3. I see. No one has ever tried this. But it would be ground breaking if there was a version of OS that doesn't have time in it
  4. 1. Is there anyway that I can remove the time and date from my PC completely? There is time and date set in BIOS too which is non removable. 2. The browser will not lot load any webpage if I change time/remove time by any case. Is there a way to bypass that too? I'm only experimenting this and idk if anyone has ever tried removing time and date completely from windows pc
  5. So let's just say I have an AC which is 1.5 Tonne in a literally small room. Many say I shouldn't turn on my ceiling fan and AC at the same time because as the hot air rises up, it again mixes up with the cold air But what if the room is small? Can I turn on the fan because it really wouldn't make any difference even if it mixes with the cold air inside
  6. Thank you. I'm not looking for playing in battery power. Even if the ups backs me up for 5 mins, that's more than enough for me. Right not the problem is it completely turns off if there is power outage.
  7. No u don't understand. I want a gaming ups to prevent my pc from powering off while the power goes off
  8. I know there is a lot of options to choose a nice low output wattage ups for a normal pc usage, but what if i want an UPS for a gaming pc that could deliver me an output as more than 600W. Please suggest me a better UPS for a gaming PC. I live in India so please suggest a budget ups that can withstand fluctuations while gaming with my 1070Ti and i7 8700K with 8 GB RAM
  9. My build as follows MSI Z370A Pro Mobo Intel i7 8700K Corsair H45 Corsair 8GB Ram Corsair TX750M Seagate 1TB GTX 1070Ti Case - NZXT Phantom 530 I have this gaming rig built and I have a lot of fluctuations and power cuts in my area. I have a low end numeric ups which is good in case of light load like browsing/watching movie etc. But when it comes to gaming, the UPS fails to kick on the battery power and just totally shuts down my PC with no power. I am looking for a budget gaming UPS in India and I found APC ups but I don't know anyth
  10. What should be the max power of the UPS that i should buy?
  11. I have a gaming PC and we all know that when the pc is idle, it uses less power when compared to when gaming I have a backup UPS to avoid any sudden system shutdowns but it only works when I'm not playing any game or while just watching a movie In fact, while the power cuts happen while gaming the UPS has to deliver a higher power to the PC inorder to compensate the graphics card's high power usage but my UPS can't and it just does a long beep and cuts all the power to the computer My pc config is MSI Z370A Pro Intel i7 8700K Corsair H45 Coole
  12. Yeah see I told you guys. Besides I still don't know how to download huge files like 10GB directly from torrent without using any clients Like straight into the IDM (direct link)
  13. LoL I knew it. Torrent is illegal but still poor people use it for many downloads but yet it's not been noticed in LTT but why? Whats the reason in helping poor people who cannot afford such huge softwares like example - Cinema 4D. I know the software developer would definitely report it but I'm not asking a specific software download. I'm asking you how to download a torrent file directly without using utorrent?
  14. I've been hearing this news about torrent is illegal to use and I can't access it through my computer. The website says *you are not authorized to access this website as per gov rules and regulations*. I use a proxy website but in that I don't get the best results and sometimes the webpage would not load at all. Major concern = I can't pay a premium VPN though so is there any way to directly download 10GB of data from the torrent directly from a magnet link? What are peers? What are leechs? And how does a torrent work? I know almost 80% of the people use torrent to do