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    AMD Ryzen 5 3600
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    16GB Corsair Vengeance + 2 Dummy kits
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    ASUS ROG STRIX 1070 Ti
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    Be Quiet! Silent Base 800 Window Orange
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    2X Samsung 860 Evo 1TB SSD
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    Be Quiet! Dark Power Pro 11 650W
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    1X Optix MAG24C 2X SAMSUNG SyncMaster2243
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    Corsair H115i Platinum
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    Corsair K70 mk.2
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    Corsair M65 Pro RGB
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    Corsair Void Pro
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    Microsoft Windows 10
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  1. I need to move them quite often and can't mount them to the table.
  2. 144 and 240 is a considerable jump. Obviously it depends on the person but the 6Hz jump from 144 to 150 definitley wouldn't be perceivable. But the main reason is that 144 can be evenly dividet by 24
  3. Hey! I have 3 identical looking screens from 2 differend brands in my setup currently. They look completeley the same (exept the logo obviously) but their stands are 3 different ones. For aesthetic reasons i want to buy 3 identical stands (wich probably woul attach via vesa?). But i can only find wall/table mounts or dull cluncky looking vesa stands. I would need a good looking one and dont want to attach the monitors to the wall. Any sugestions?
  4. In my region 2x4GB Kits G.Skill Aegis kits brand new can be had for less than 30 bucks.
  5. Why dont you go with a cheap am4 Board 8gigs of low speed DDR4 and a ryzen 3 1200? Would be like less than 130$
  6. It doesn't let me. Everything is set to auto and I can't change to manual or enter values or add an offset
  7. Hey guys! A friend of mine recently upgraded his PC to a Ryzen 5 2600x with 16GB DDR4 3200Mhz on the gigabyte B450M Gaming motherboard. He asked me to do some minor voltage and clockspeed adjustments. Only problem is: I can't change any settings! I can enable XMP wich runs perfectly but all clock/voltage settings are set to auto in UEFI and I am unable to change them. Latest BIOS is installed. I've already reset CMOS and everything. Can anyone tell me what to do? Thanks in advance!
  8. Looks cool I love the corsair aio blocks. I think in my case the pump should be plenty powerful since I'm only swapping the rad and not adding a gpu block and res
  9. Sh3ld0r


    i9 9900k(s/f) ? Absolutley
  10. Yeah, If I remember. Just moved out and blew 3 grand on my drivers licence tho so Im gonna need to save a bit before modding my PC again.
  11. I know. I'm using a heat gun. (and a DIY right angle bendy thing)
  12. Hi Guys! I alread have a PSU cover in my case but the harddrive cage is still out in the open. What thickness acrylic should i use to bend arount the cage? And should I use thinner or thicker acrylic for making logos to glue onto the cover
  13. BTW would anyone of you happen to know the tube diameter of the h115? Don't wanna get surprised after opening it