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  1. Utga

    Psu zap

    Running a wire into the ground solved it zapping me.
  2. Utga

    Psu zap

    I have 750w 80+ white psu. When I touch any metal part of my PC it zaps. I confirmed that the zap is comming from the psu after removing it from thr case ang touching the screws . I tried solving it by running a wire from the psu screw intro the ground. Is this safe for the components?
  3. I tested the rx580 on another PC and it has the same problem. I will change my psu. I get zapped when i touch my case and metal part of my keyboard. I tried to solve it by running a wire from the screws in psu to the ground. It works but is it safe for the components?
  4. It started with my 1050ti, one day it just decided to not give any signal and I tried so many things(cleaning, change thermal paste, pluging it to another pc) but nothing possitive. so that is why I bought rx580 to replace it. After 2-3 weeks I randomly tested the 1050ti and it works fine even in 100% usage. Then now, my rx580 is again giving no signal. When i turn the pc on it is not detecting the gpu at all. But the light in gpu works, but the fans are not. Can someone help me as to why this is happening. I am planning to buy yet another gpu but I am afraid of what's causing my preview