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  1. Hello guys, In my country the price difference between 10700KF and 5600X is quite negligable (Disregard the small price hikes in Motherboards as I would go for high end one anyway.) so, which of these two would you suggest for Games/Streaming/Very occasional video editing? (10900K/KF and 5800X are currently in price range of each other and about 20% more expensive than the aforementioned). As for GPU (as a factror) I Currently have GTX 1080Ti and I am planning on upgrade in somewhat near future probably to 30X0 (we'll see if Radeons change their performance in ray tracing and/
  2. Hi Guys, I've had this old Lenovo y510p laptop for quite some time now and it's wear begins to show. I did use it as a "powerhouse" back when I was in college and having a desktop didn't really make much sense for me. I no longer really use it and the only thing that it is actively being used for is playing some older/less demanding games by my girlfriend. Unfortunately some latest updates either from Nvidia or Microsoft, or perhaps both, started causing GPU driver crashes while playing DX11 games. I tried several ways to fix that, but that's a different topic. In the e
  3. So, to actually close this topic. In the end I was able to purchase newer version of G910 (the spectrum one) as well. + It was even at sales for lover price so I couldn't really hesitate. As you stated before the newer version got rid of those goddamn keycaps and has better palm rest. The Keyboard quality is overall perfect! it's also heavy as brick Couldn't be happier. Also a quick fun fact - you can just drag and drop macros from your old G keyboards onto the new one with logitech's software. Since I had some several really complicated one's I was really happy about this feature
  4. Hi, I'd would totally be interested in some custom made case. What I am not so certain is whether you have the proper equipment and knowledge to make such custom wooden case safe though. As you are certainly aware it is not really simple matter to make electronics equipment from flammable material.
  5. It seems to me like only one audio output from your pc is possible, and computer somewhat messes whether it should lead into Display port or the other audio you have connected to your monitor. What I am not really sure from your post is the way you bridge audio from your monitor to your surround system. Do you have the classic audio RCA with several cinches? (6 is minimum for 5.1 audio) Else if the audio that leads into your monitor is one jack/cinch you are not even capable to get 5.1 working (that might cause the issues). Displayport should be enough to carry 1080p + 5.1 audio though
  6. If you have additional computer on your hands I would follow https://askubuntu.com/questions/639325/deleted-ubuntu-partition-and-cant-access-windows-anymore and create windows "recovery" usb or plug in linux live and give GRUB instructions where to find windows bootloader. In any case you will probably need second computer to progress
  7. Try simply exitting grub. Type "exit" in the command line. Also its quite possible that both win bootloader and grub will ve visible within your UEFI, si just switch their position.
  8. Yeah, you have unlicensed OS, which is not covered by certain updates, etc. Windows 10 is not freeware, If you want to use it. Buy it. Regarding the drive you are right. I totally forgot how slow they are. I am not even sure about the max burning speed. was it 16x times 1,.. Mb? Can't really recall now. My last statement does make sense if you accept that ASrock might simply be budget friendly but with lacking quality. Just a small scour through the internet forums will suggest that and so will my personal experience with it.
  9. Yeah, so did Windows xp until they decided to simply lock some unlicensed devices back in the days. Having illegal OS is simply something you should not suggest anywhere. That might be a valid argument but usb drive will be noticeable slower unless he wants to spend more cash than necessary. Overall quality of ASrock products was never of great value.
  10. From what I recall, SSD should slow dramatically when it's near full capacity, unless that is your case I would consider checking your drive with some SSD performance tool such as Crystal Disk.
  11. I disagree with ryzen in this case. Carz clearly aims for one monitor only and said beforehand that he wants computer mainly for gaming. I don't really suppose any real multi-tasking will be bothering him. Also not having a valid license for OS is really not a good idea.. If he need optical drive why would usb one be better idea? ASrock products are really not something I would suggest to anyone.
  12. Personally I like K processors more as I have feeling about them being a bit more future-proof. On the other hand spending 80$ might not be worthy of getting 8600K. I am not really sure about optical drive/speaker usefulness at this point in time. Having a small SSD for OS would be a huge boost for your device (depending on the budget). Don't really aim for the cheapest peripherals as they can easily ruin the whole experience of gaming. You could possibly do better when it comes to RAM frequency! Stock CPU cooler is not really best for gaming! I am not really sure whether you
  13. Must be a MELTDOWN then!! Quick, put your computer in the freezer and pray for forgiveness! Now with all seriousness, unless you give some details regarding ram/cpu/hdd usage there is no way for anybody to even remotely help you. Check your task manager CTRL+SHIFT+DELETE in case you are using windows. In case you are on mac or linux. I suppose free -m and top/ps should give away decent info. Also you might want to check size/space of your swap. In any case look for anything chipping huge chunks of ram/cpu usage + full hdd might be a reason for computer slowdown as well (es
  14. You mean the hub controller for them? Also if I place radiator in the front, what should I do about fan slots on the top of the case? (intake/outtake)
  15. Hello LTTers! Recently a need to get myself a second computer boiled to the surface as my fiancé's computer literally boiled (:D shit happens!). As I was hungry for an update, nothing marginal really happened. This time around I am interested in slight change though! Up to this point in my life I was always having air cooling and was fine with it, albeit a bit noisy at times. Nonetheless, I want a liquid cooling this time! I was unable to locate any kind of comparison anywhere on the internet, maybe I just suck at searching or perhaps the term "temp comparison between air c