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  1. Ohh, thank you for clarifying your options i will look at your parts too for more research aboit my pc because i'd like build one time not every two year getting burn by some worse parts thank you dude <3 really great information
  2. Actually im caring about cache i thoight more cache means more speed for data and better quality thank you
  3. Your build is cheaper and powerful thank you bro btw could you tell me why you choose this MOBO and this Ram? What about coraair vegeance ? The WD gold 6tb does offer same speed of black 4tb 7200rpm 258mb/s cache? Does this power supply good for some stuff like shtting down accidentally or protecting my pc better? About the evo VS pro i was knowing about evo is better and cheaper but i just think pro better but would like evo thank you for suggestion
  4. What about Crucial MX500 500GB 3D NAND SATA M.2, im really trying use m.2 SSD for bootable because i think its faster also which hdd is more better than WD black?
  5. Acutally looks good and cheap but i think samsung and wd is better than other hard drives that's why i choose those hard drive and About PSU does it good? Cause you know paying more to PSU is better than every part of my pc. By the way thank you for recommending your parts <3 i will look at my parts again and researching more. <3
  6. I will research your PSU too also for cpu i perfer 8700k because it has give me more fps And cheaper than X series thats why i chose this cpu.
  7. Phh, thank you so much for your suggestion i will do more research what you said thanks dude!
  8. Could you tell me what is different between these PSU? Btw dont like overcloking idk but thank you for suggestion i will research more on your motherboard
  9. What about getting more fps from games? Does it has different between them or just wasting money 240hz? Alao please point your unnecessary parts thank you
  10. Which is unnecessary? Could you please point that?
  11. Hi, guys Actually I'm new to building PC and trying to get better at building and knowing each part of the computer so I tried and found those part for my first building PC, I just want to know does all my part compatible with each other? Does it need to change my parts? If I'm going to build this will I get any problem? Here are a Parts: https://pcpartpicker.com/user/AlanD20/saved/Yt2CJx I will more happy if someone helps me with which part I chose wrong and which part is not that good which needs to be replaced a better part. By the way sorry about my English It's not my first langua