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  1. Hey all! Thought I'd check in since it's been a while, a lot has changed since the last time I visited, pretty much all of which relates to exactly how my desk setup looks like now.


    This includes:
    - DaVinci Resolve Speed Editor

    - RTX 3060
    - New keycaps

    - Blue microphone

    - Loads more pink



    Additionally, I've taken the time to update my contact methods and corrected my carrd profile link as I have changed things up a bit.

    The biggest change of which, I now have a custom YouTube URL to use:




    Outside of my YouTube, I also write for Another Super Society, I'm still a baby writer, but I hope to have some more work in the near future:




    As usual, if you want to know other ways to contact me or keep up with other social media, be sure to visit my carrd:




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    2. Jtalk4456


      long time no karaoke see! how are you doing?

    3. orbitalbuzzsaw


      9 hours ago, Jtalk4456 said:

      long time no karaoke see! how are you doing?


    4. Aveniform


      You forgot to update your PSU listed on your carrd link!

  2. Happy belated new year! Checking into the forums for the first time in the new year. I feel like I'm slowly moving away from the many forums I'm part of (LTT included) in favor of taking care of myself and enjoying my own life, I'm just not feeling an interest in technology, social media, and new hardware releases/news/press right now.

    This includes places like Twitter, reddit, and some Discords, I've not felt compelled to tap into them recently. I'll probably still poke around once and a while, but it will be pretty few and far between as I'm not feeling it here anymore, and have felt that way for a while.


    Going to take this opportunity to plug my channel, as that is my main form of communication in terms of getting myself out there, tonnes of vlogs and shenanigans to come in the future.



    Addtionally, carrd link has any outlets and forms of communication you can reach me by if you want to keep up with what I'm up to.



    I'll still keep my LTT stuff as clean as aesthetically-pleasing as ever just in case anybody needs those resources, which are of course listed in my About Me section.


    See you guys later! :)



  3. I hook up everything since I'm a bit of a completionist and perfectionist, so everything must be hooked up even if I'm not necessarily going to use it, such as HDD or power LEDs which I barely look at to begin with. However, my front panel audio is hooked up to my PCIE sound card since I prefer my front panel to be serviced by my sound card for the software.
  4. Shit, sorry to hear that happened. That foam was waiting for the opportunity to strike, it seems. The idea of re-routing the cables underneath was cool on paper, but clearly in practise, it's gone exactly how 2020 would have wanted it go. Happy to hear your stuff is insured though, 2020 can't take away absolutely everything.
  5. I've been able to get my G305's weight down by using lithium AAA batteries with an AAA battery adapter. Lithium batteries are the lightest AAA batteries I've found so far. The ones I use are Energizer Lithium, they're around £1.74 per battery in a 4-pack of £6.99. I can't remember off the top of my head, but I believe my G305 weighs around 86g thanks to the AAA battery. I can't comment on back cover as I've not been able to get any 3D-printing done to reduce the weight down further.
  6. On a lighter note from my keyboard troubles, happy holidays guys! Since losing my other board, I've been able to rebuild it using Cherry Blacks as I felt like a radical change was needed to re-invigorate my love for mechanical keyboards. I now have a lot of spare NovelKeys Creams and some Cherry Blacks in a jar, which I have now dubbed the black coffee.


    While it is a huge upset that I've lost my beloved board, it has a new face now, so it's not completely over for it. The perks of building your own keyboard from scratch, I suppose.



  7. Real short update because I really don't have the energy for anything else right now.


    My keyboard's PCB has completely died, so I've been forced to retire the board's PCB, plate, and keycaps, as they are no longer compatible with any other items.

    I'm able to keep the case and Tealios switches at the very least, but it's still really upsetting to lose that board.


    Here's to 2021, I guess.

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    2. jiyeon


      @soldier_ph @Ashley xD


      Basically, device manager fails to recognise it, and I've tried different cables, different ports, clearing my Windows registry, trying it on my laptop, anything under the sun, apart from physically mending it, as I don't have the right tools to do so.

    3. Ashley MLP Fangirl

      Ashley MLP Fangirl

      that doesn't really sound like a trace break (that would usually stop multiple keys from working, not the whole thing not being detected), it sounds more like a broken cable/port, or a fried microcontroller. depending on what microcontroller they used you could replace it, but i'd need to see pictures of the PCB to know for sure. as for a broken port, you can replace that too. as long as you have a good soldering iron and a steady hand. 

    4. jiyeon


      I don't have the tools, nor the energy to do anything about it.


      I've given up the ghost already and I'm off to sell all my keyboard parts.

  8. Could you provide a source for where you belive the TMX is producing more torque? At the moment, you sound like you're trying to justify the TMX. Additionally, why are you complaining about the G920 being violent, but also complaining that it's not producing enough force? Which are you actually looking for in a wheel? The 2nm of torque that the G920 procudes is typical for a consumer-grade racing wheel.
  9. Hi, I'm looking to expand my videography setup and I'm looking for a decent microphone. For some context, I use a Samsung S20 connected to an Adonit V-grip which has an included hotshoe on it, so I'm able to connect a hotshoe microphone on it. Some criteria for the microphone: Must be otshoe-mountable Must be USB-C or USB-C-to-3.5mm dongle-compatible Audio quality must be better than my Samsung S20's microphone Must be <£50 - Ideally purchased on Amazon.co.uk It sounds like a difficult task to meet all the criteria, and I'm honestly not com
  10. Obligatory "I'm a Logitech G920 owner and I've had no issues" statement aside, a few things to note about the Logitech G920 and the Thrustmaster TX. The Logitech G920/29 produces 2.2Nm of torque; The Thrustmaster TMX produces 2Nm of torque. source The Logitech Shifter is an optional extra, you do not need to buy it, unless the simulator you're playing on has cars with H-shifters, otherwise the paddle shifters used for sequential semi-automatic cars will suffice. I've got my money on that you're likely using too high of a force feedback setting.
  11. Organisation and patience, make sure you know where all your screws go is the most important point, I believe, as a new layer of thermal paste will be useless if you can't put your card back together. As for the re-paste itself, I've re-pasted my own Asus Dual GTX 1060 using Thermal Grizzly Kryonaut (a non-conductive paste) and I used around a pea size, but slightly smaller than what a CPU would get,. as the die is noticeably smaller than a CPU heatspreader. As a final note, if you're not seeing concerning temperatures, it's probably not worth the risk unless your card
  12. 2020 has been wild, nobody could have predicted what happened. Relfecting back on what has happened this year, there have definitely been moments where I regret impulse-purchasing items that I really did not need in my life.


    I feel like a lot of my purchases this year have been irresponsible, and only bought to serve my ego, a great example of this was the ID-Cooling 240, I really did not need it, it was expensive, it was impulsive, and ultimately I feel like I bought it just to show off, and that's probably the story of a lot of items I've bought this year, it's all been for the status, and not to make myself happy.


    Having said that, I'm looking to make my 2021 a more reflective year, a year for minimising impulsive and irresponsible purchases that serve ephemeral joy.

    2021 will be a year that I will try to be thankful for what I already own, and not immaturely replace the items I have clearly taken for granted.

    2021 will be a year where I will be proud of myself and the things I own that give me long-term joy, those being my two YouTube channels, my writing position on Another Super Site, as well as just enjoying my spare time more into gaming, and not into endlessly browsing Amazon, eBay, and other window shopping sites.


    I hope anyone else who is feeling how I am feeling in any way can join me in my quasi-minimalist 2021 journey, where I will be more financially confident, thankful for what I already have around me, and improve myself as a person through my own personality and emotions, and not let what materialistic possessions I want control my new year.


    Going forward, I'm going to commit to stop trying to impress people with things that I buy and own, and instead impress myself with what I am capable of doing in my life.

    My materialistic possessions no longer own me.



    1. Ashley MLP Fangirl

      Ashley MLP Fangirl

      in my opinion it's ok to buy something you think looks nice and you want others to see. your pc is the first thing that draws attention in your room (i assume), and that's ok. it's ok to be proud of it. 

  13. This is a great example of why I tend not to pre-order games, unless I've committed a deep level of research into a) whether it will run well, b) if it's worth it to pre-order, and c) if the game has a long shelf life ahead of it. Clearly, Cyberpunk 2077 fulfilled none of those if you own a console. It always seemed like a game that was going to be inevitably hard to run especially given the system requirements for PC gaming.
  14. New video up! This one's on my beloved keyboard, includes a sound test as well, although I was a bit shy at getting myself in front of camera so I've worn a sweater with the biggest sleeves I own.


    This video can serve as a visual reference for what my keyboard is about, and the sound test can let you all know how it sounds to me every day I use it. :)


    Please take a watch, and also like and subscribe to keep up with all of my future uploads.



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    2. Energycore


      @Eschew yooo that's clutch thanks :D


      Finally my chance to react to you instead of the opposite 😛

    3. Energycore


      How do I select switch type? Am I derping here?

    4. Energycore


      Oh I found it. I was derping indeed.

  15. Gentle reminder that I have a vlog/everyday channel now! I upload my everyday life and occurences onto this channel, the most recent of which has been my Samsung 970 PRO.

    I have an unboxing and installation vlog on my channel now:



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    2. Energycore


      Oooohh that BGM tickled my musical brain cells

  16. Christ that's expensive... It looks more form over function.
  17. If my next PC upgrade happens to be an MSI product, it is what it is, but the feeling of their unethical doings will always lurk. I'm the kind of person that takes pride in my branded products such clothes, shoes, PC components, and even small things such as home decor and software. In the right environment, I wouldn't exactly be proud to say I own an MSI product, but if I paid the right price for said product, I won't complain for the value.
  18. Considering I play on PC and Nintendo Switch, of course not. I'm mainly a PC gamer though. I don't look down on console gamers due to me being one on the side, and I believe that you should have fun on whatever console you're on, but if a console gamer (or a PC gamer for that matter) looks down on me for playing on PC or console, can't really be helped, it's my platform I'm enjoying, you do you. If you have the time to look down others, you clearly don't have anything else good to do with yourself... I did used to play on my PS4 for four years up until I was sick of pay
  19. Proud owner of a pink-paracorded Logitech G203 Lightsync! I had no idea paracord was this light, it's on another level.



  20. Hi, so I'm in the market for a new storage drive since I'm not satisfied with the performance (or lack thereof) that my Crucial P1 is giving me, while it is an NVME drive and it's great for short bursts of moving files around, it's painfully slow in sustained read and writes. Additionally, it tends to bog down my system if I save an Nvidia Shadowplay in the background, which adds to the frustration. As a result, I'm never going QLC again. I've recently found a new drive I've been thinking of, and it's the Samsung 970 EVO Plus, 500GB, for £90 on Amazon. However, while browsing eBay,
  21. Just published my debut video for my new channel! It's a very simple debut video to test the waters on how I go about angling my shots and lay the boundaries on what this channel is about.

    It's a lifestyle channel, so any vlogs and everyday life will go in this channel, it's a slice of life from myself!


    I was originally going to launch this tomorrow to officially debut my channel December 1st, but I got a bit eager and now it's here a bit early. Hopefully this channel is another outlet into my everyday life, for when I'm not hanging out on forums or twitter, as well as a place where I can document my everyday life and get some more content from my life. A plus is I get to use Davinci Resolve pretty often now, something about video editing I just love, it's addictive.



    1. TopHatProductions115


      I subbed to the new channel :) 

  22. I guess dust. I used to run a total of 6 fans in my PC which includes the CPU cooler ones, had to clean my PC pretty regularly as a result due to how quickly my room generates dust, and therefor how much is circulated throughout my PC. It was especially bad on the tower cooler heatstack, used to get caked in a thick layer of dust very often, eventually got fed up and bought an AIO for the looks and also the convenience of not having to dig in and clean a finstack array.
  23. 32GB of memory gang, and of course it's in white!



    1. soldier_ph


      So you can open 69 Chrome tabs now ? Nice

    2. WY6


      ram should only be in white

      even in my all black + blue pc i have white ram lol

    3. TopHatProductions115


      Let me know when you get 128GB. Then, we can talk :P 



  24. Both Samsung 850 EVOs have been spraypainted white! Although you probably can't see shit since I noticed too late I was taking pictures of the white 850s on a white background...