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    YourNewPalAlex got a reaction from thedangerine in Optical drive survey   
    Hey, im gonna tell you something but dont tell anyone.
    They did surgery on an optical drive.
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    YourNewPalAlex got a reaction from Slottr in Affordable Ambidextrous, Wireless gaming mouse?   
    Heyyyy black friday maybe?
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    YourNewPalAlex reacted to 5x5 in SU650 120GB vs A55 128GB?   
    That's how all 128-256GB ones are - the PCBs are super small but use the standard 2.5" enclosure so it ends up feeling hollow. The A400 is definitely low end but at least it doesn't self-destruct randomly
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    YourNewPalAlex reacted to kelvinhall05 in SU650 120GB vs A55 128GB?   
    IIRC the A400 isn't great either.
    My brother has one and it's so light that it feels like it's just a shell made of tin foil with sharpie Kingston logo on it.
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    YourNewPalAlex reacted to LogicalDrm in Is it okay to buy stuff from amazon US and ship it to somewhere else?   
    As said, unless you are buying something really special or what you can't get from Europe, just don't. All things counted the price is about same, and you will still have to deal with warranty issues. Like with Amazon, you are gonna have to ship things to them for warranty.
    All European countries, and most countries in other parts of the world too, have VAT included in pricing. Germany isn't worst of Europe. We have 24% VAT on most products.
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    YourNewPalAlex reacted to RejZoR in Is it okay to buy stuff from amazon US and ship it to somewhere else?   
    Yeah, but you only see the final price in checkout if they do this now (I remember eBay having this option for some items). Like dumb Amazon.de which ony starts whining they can't ship to my address in the checkout. Until I get there they happily show like it ships to my place...
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    YourNewPalAlex reacted to Stormseeker9 in What mouse should i get?   
    Nope ? my bad 
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    YourNewPalAlex got a reaction from Tristerin in 75%Mechanical Keyboards?   
    I just got used to the arrow keys as my main "keys" for playing games. I just cant transition to the wasd keys. Ive tried and its just not the same. I use my left hand on the mouse, and my right on the keyboard. My right hand doesn't have 5 fingers, it has 1 normal one with 2 fingers smashed together, so i basically have 2 fingers. Its weird for me to play with the wasd keys because i have my hands so close to each other, but if i go for the arrow keys on a normal keyboard, then their closest keys are too far away for my right hand to reach. Thats why i want a 75% keyboard, because it has the arrow keys + keys nearby. My main machine for playing games was a laptop that had a keyboard that most resembles a 75% keyboard, or even more a tkl keyboard with the arrow keys and numpad mashed together. And luckily for me that was kind of a blessing since well it was the perfect thing that at the time i didnt know i needed.
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    YourNewPalAlex reacted to geo3 in 75%Mechanical Keyboards?   
    I wouldn't.
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    YourNewPalAlex got a reaction from GerbilPlays in Suggestions for Noise Cancelling Headphones?   
    I just like a week ago got my WH1000XM2's used for 100£, they sound great, and they do magic in the NC space, like i can't hear my voice when im listening to loud music + NC, and i dont mean whispering or talking, i mean i cant hear myself god damn screaming. They sound great too! With a custom eq from your liking they sound so colourful full of emotion and personality. If you can grab a deal on the older M2's, then you wont regret it!
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    YourNewPalAlex reacted to Nimrodor in Suggestions for Noise Cancelling Headphones?   
    From my experiences with all of these headphones:
    As far as pure noise cancellation goes, 1000XM3>QC35>QC25>1000XM2>1000X
    1000XM3 noise cancels slightly better than the QC35 but has a stronger "pop" (I can't use them for very long because it begins to hurt). 1000X/XM2 pops about the same as the QC35. QC25 pops more than the QC35 and less than the XM3. The XM3 is seriously impressive, but I just... can't. It hurts. I'm fairly sensitive though; I'd imagine most people would be fine with it.
    The hand-cupping gesture on the 1000X was so cool because it was useful and because its seamless cancelling to ambient transition made it feel like the background was melting away. With the more pronounced pressure on the XM3's noise cancelling, this novelty is notably diminished. The XM3's (and all of the Sonys') gestures are still really useful.
    Comfort-wise, Bose is slightly ahead of the XM3, which is well ahead of the older Sony models (stock pads were way too thin). The Bose pads fall apart relatively quickly though, given how soft they are.
    The XM3's tuning is definitely more immediately impressive. Well-extended bass, sloping downward through the mids for some warmth, with a dip in the low-mid treble to tame sibilance followed by a mid-high spike to add "air". Treble extension is poor but that's difficult to notice if you don't listening critically (the spike masks some of this too).
    The problem is that Sony relies far too heavily on its DSP to make that sound happen. It gets its even bass response by EQ'ing heavily, distorting the low-end even at what should be reasonable excursions. The response drops off drastically in the highs likely because its feedback loop loses accuracy at high frequencies. Distortion is fairly high across the board. Positional audio is abysmal since the ANC corrects against your natural ear response (not a Sony-specific problem). That's not to say that it's bad; it's actually a pretty fun listen. Still, it does start to sound artificial (and occasionally piercing!) after a while since even though the power spectrum is mostly correct, most of the nuance isn't there (and what is there often isn't part of the original recording).
    I feel like the tuning on the older models (1000X/XM2) was a bit better with better-balanced (though still grainy) treble, but the bass quality and distortion is much better with the XM3.
    Bose in general has a warmer tuning, admittedly more to my liking (and technically more accurate as well). It suffers the same lack of detail that the Sonys do but to a lesser extent, especially in the low-end. In the treble, they have the extension advantage over the XM3, but instead of being grainy it's... less crisp? I guess? It's hard to describe, but there's a definite loss of immediacy, almost a bit like it's been smoothed over but not strictly attenuated. Like a hi-hat that's had a piece of tape taped between the cymbals or something. I'm really stretching for comparisons here. Perhaps it's the same phenomenon as the poor soundstage, just manifesting in a different way. It's not painful, just annoying.
    Complete sidenote but the QC25 has by far the best microphone of the bunch for some reason. No clue why.
    Honestly it's really up to preference. Toss-up between the XM3 and QC35 depending on your priorities, and I definitely agree that the QC25 is a good value if you don't need the extra features and are up for managing your own rechargeable batteries. Personally the XM3's bigger pressure pop is a dealbreaker, but again, I think most people won't mind. Any of the above are better than Senn's noise cancelling options in my experience. If you can, head to a Best Buy or something and compare the Bose and Sony models there; things that are a big deal for me may not matter for you.
    Haven't tried the H9i but if they're anything like the H9 I'd keep my distance.
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    YourNewPalAlex reacted to rice guru in Suggestions for Noise Cancelling Headphones?   
    Sony wh1000xm3 both sounds better and has better noise cancelling than It's bose conterparts the sony's are my vote
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    YourNewPalAlex reacted to AlwaysFSX in AMD Never Settle Forever - Help me choose 3 games!   
    Why not you choose the ones you want?
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    YourNewPalAlex reacted to James the Broke Gamer in Off topic chit chat   
    god damnit someone leaked my selfie from a few weeks ago
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    YourNewPalAlex got a reaction from James the Broke Gamer in Off topic chit chat   
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    YourNewPalAlex reacted to ThisIsCheez in Cheapest 144hz 1440p monitor   
    @YourNewPalAlex beat me to it. I have that monitor and love everything about it. Pay the tad bit extra and get one from a brand you know will last and honor their warranty.
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    YourNewPalAlex reacted to Hikkarii in OC'ing GTX 1070 FTW   
    Hey, thanks for the info. So I learned alot, and I decided to stick with default and just see how far I can go. Seems i can hit 125Mhz (core) and 300Mhz (Memory) and keep stable by running Heaven on extreme. however, I decided to go just 100Mhz on Core which gives me 2100Mhz. However, each time I keep benchmarking, I raise the "memory" core by literally 600+ and its still stable. No crashing, or artifacts. Weird?
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    YourNewPalAlex got a reaction from Hikkarii in OC'ing GTX 1070 FTW   
    I think you can find this useful, dont own the card but this is what i found that looked promising. 
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    YourNewPalAlex reacted to r2724r16 in What GPU should I pair with a i7 8700?   
    In that case, get a RTX 2080 or a 1080 Ti. Even a 2080 Ti if you have the budget for it.
    The i7 8700 is a pretty powerful CPU, even though it doesn't have an unlocked multiplier.
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    YourNewPalAlex reacted to aezakmi in Off topic chit chat   
    That's cute
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    YourNewPalAlex reacted to Tahsin Alam in Headphones Or Speakers Under 80$   
    Phillips shp9500s good stuff
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    YourNewPalAlex reacted to LukeSavenije in Headphones Or Speakers Under 80$   
    well... as said, I recommend the e50bt
    oh sweet sweet 50mm drivers
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    YourNewPalAlex reacted to Teddy07 in How would you feel about having an Amazon Echo or Google Home in your home?   
    I don´t care about spying so I would buy it. However, I just don't see the value of this product.
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    YourNewPalAlex got a reaction from Teddy07 in How would you feel about having an Amazon Echo or Google Home in your home?   
    I dont see a purpose for them to be honest. Yeah there a cool thing but why waste money on something that i can search up? Or do myself.