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  1. So i picked this because i figured out what my problem was and i only figured out after running into the very similar issues. It turns out, i had an LVM partition. This broke like everything. I couldn't access anything in file explorer and it was a pain in the butt to remove that partition so i could do a clean install of a new OS. Now, im not the smartest user when it comes to linux but ive reformatted my harddrive quite a few times on windows and never ran into an issue like this, and ya you can say "Well you picked LVM as a format so its you're fault" but the problem is that if a fairly tec
  2. If anyone else sees this, in Ubuntu and PopOS do you have to do something to set your account to like be able to run things as sudo? idk how else to describe it, but after just messing around with Ubuntu im able to use sudo commands in Terminal but i have no options to open things in admin in file explorer and when trying to setup the live update it failed because the user account isnt in like sudousers or something like that. Im testing Manjaro just to see if its an issue im having with Debian or if its just my laptop, but seeing the same kind of issues in PopOS and Debian got me thinking
  3. I ran Manjaro a couple of years ago on my main desktop, and while i didnt have many bad experiences (Other than proton wasnt at a point where i felt like i could switch yet) i had a lot of frustrating situations trying to get a lib or some other weird like system file installed to fix error codes that i was getting from software installed from packman. its definitely not impossible to run manjaro without touching terminal, but if you run into any weird compatibility issues the gui, at least when i tried in 2018, didnt really have a way to fix the problem, or if it did, every solution i could f
  4. So while a lot of websites have the commands on their page in a copy and paste format, there are still many instances where that is not the case. if its in a packman its easy, if a company lists the get command on their website its not too bad, but if you dont all ready know what you are doing on Github for example then you are pretty much screwed on trying to install anything without some assistance on where to look. the green button that says get or clone gives you a command that terminal doesnt recognize "gh isnt a recognized command". You can usually find a readme that gives you the full c
  5. What file manager are you using? because i tried that exact thing in the popos file manager and that wasnt there. i saw something about nautilus being able to do that, but it simply didnt exist as an option on my install of PopOS
  6. Thats not really true. In windows if your mouse isnt connecting to your computer, you just go to the companies website and most people know the word Driver is important to get stuff to work. google product and driver and that solves about 99% of your problems. Now, in windows, If i have an advanced mouse issue and something isnt installing properly at all, then there absolutely is fiddling, but fiddling with a bunch of commands in Terminal is significantly less intuitive then following steps to navigate settings in a Gui. in a gui you can look at the different menus and even if the steps that
  7. I think thats kind of my point though. Nano isnt hard to use, but there is no possible way to know nano exists unless you all ready know it does, also i now have to type in the file path ever time that i need to do any edits to system files. In windows, i can navigate to my file by clicking the folders. its intuitive. i click the file and i can generally do what i want with it. right clicking it will give you all of the options that you would need to do basic things with any file, including running it as an admin. being essentially forced into terminal is not user friendly, unless you all read
  8. Honestly, This makes me feel so much better. Ive been trying to get into it because i can see the benefits of it, but the amount of crap ive gotten when bringing up the lack of ease of use has been staggering. Im not much of a forum guy so i figured i could at least come here and vent i guess, but thank you for your response.
  9. So This has been the past 4 hours just after finishing my install on PopOS and trying to get it setup for the first time, and i felt like it was important to share the experience to help show why Linux, at least PopOS, is not in a state that is ready for mass adoption. For some context, i would say im fairly tech literate, and i have done light work in Fedora for work just doing some basic file navigation, as well as i ran manjaro on my PC for about 3 months a couple of years ago and stopped because gaming capabilities where not at a level where i could justify moving over. Terminal doesnt imm
  10. Hello all, I am trying to finish up my rack mounted PC/NAS combo device and i want to verify the equipment i am buying before i purchase it. Long story short i am trying to get a setup similar to Linus's Personal Rig 2015, where he has the PC in another room and uses a thunderbolt optical cable and Thunderbolt 3 dock to get IO at his monitor. I was looking at the following thunderbolt card, as well as one of the Corning optical cables, and the below thunderbolt 3 dock. So from what i have heard Thunderbolt is pretty confusing, and im not sure how to proceed.The Corning Cables use M
  11. Okay, Long story short I got the following case at a garage sale https://www.amazon.com/gp/aw/d/B00N9CXGSO/ref=yo_ii_img?ie=UTF8&psc=1 Now, I have been planning on building a decent gaming rig for a while (all I still need is ram, cpu, and gpu) and I wanted to combine my nas ahs my pc into this one unit. I will have 2 512gb nvme ssd's for my Gaming PC storage and, if needed, I can add a 128gb data 3 ssd for NAS OS. I watched Linus's video on the same similar setup, but I will be 100% I haven't worked with VM's or unRAID before. Is there an easier way to