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  1. Summary To combat themselves from capitalists worst nightmare: decreased profits due to stolen merchandise, Home Depot is now adding microchips to popular power tools together with manufacturers which render the devices completely useless unless activated at checkout via bluetooth when purchased. The main reason apparently for this move has been organized theft rings which target high value power tools due to their resale value being high. Quotes My thoughts I actually support this idea completely as long as the activation is perman
  2. If only someone would have warned us about facebook being evil and not to be trusted. If only we did not see this coming when FB account suddenly became required despite previous promises that it would never happen..
  3. Some more background to the story: https://www.justice.gov/usao-sdtx/pr/justice-department-announces-court-authorized-effort-disrupt-exploitation-microsoft Pretty interesting reaction by FBI after they've been getting roasted to hell by the security community recently about their incompetence in cybersecurity side. Would be interesting to see government agency running whitehat operations using Proof of concept exploits to patch them in the future too. However: what they're obviously not telling us is that they are indeed fixing and patching these vulner
  4. Summary Github, owned by Microsoft has decided to do something everyone was afraid they might do: remove content that is somehow against the interests of their owner Microsoft. Vietnamese security researcher released a Proof Of Concept code of the recent massive Hafnium / ProxyLogon Microsoft Exchange server exploit - day after Microsoft had already released their patch to it. Within hours of releasing the POC however, Github (Microsoft) removed it. This immediately resulted in outcry, as it is industry standard practice for security researchers to publish proof of
  5. Summary Not only does Bill Gates want to microchip you with vaccine, now old Bill wants all your passwords too! Microsoft has launched their password managing solution as part of the Microsoft Authenticator which they have quite smartly opted to name simply as "Autofill". You can now manage and automatically fill your passwords with this across PCs, browsers (edge, chrome) ,mobile devices. Quotes My thoughts Curious to see if this will start to become heavily adopted as "industry standard" over current options for password managemen
  6. It is actually very interesting because Baidu already has developed autonomous vehicle stuff for longer time and has ready products which it is looking to integrate to this EV business too. Apollo computing unit -> https://apollo.auto/ I think they're not late at all, but they're ready to enter the big leagues by combining their pre-existing developments together with manufacturing giant. I don't see this as google move at all.
  7. Summary Chinese tech company and google-rival Baidu and carmaker Geely have teamed up and are going to be making electric vehicles as joint-venture. Baidu is responsible for the software & tech side of things which they are somewhat known for and Geely brings to the table their car manufacturing capabilities. Geely in the western world is most well known as the owner of Volvo which they acquired some years ago. The new company will operate as Baidu subsidiary, and at least initially seems to be aimed towards the rapidly expanding chinese markets for electric vehi
  8. I seem to recall that there is a recorded incident of notorious L.I.N.U.S trying to steal MSI products before. Inside job indeed by Linus and his heist team. 03ecwfK.mp4
  9. Summary Israeli chipmaker Habana Labs (currently owned by Intel which acquired it year ago for 2 billion) has received order from Amazon AWS which plans on offering their Gaudi AI processors as alternative for Nvdias AI chips for their customers. Could this challenge Nvidias position as the AI compute king? Quotes My thoughts Given that AWS controls 50% of the data center market, this is interesting move and possible sign that maybe.. just maybe. Team green might not be the only option when it comes to the world of AI computing. If AWS does s
  10. Make a video on the benefits of real-time CPU optimization tools in gaming - if there are any, or is it worth it in general. Translated: Forcing your CPU to use more cores&threads at games/processes you run than it would request and use by default. Very relevant topic now that more and more people are starting to have 8-12 cores in their systems and tons of games might for example only ask for 4. Programs such as Process Lasso and many others exist for this sort of purpose.
  11. Summary You've been deceived. Apple has been spying on its users. Thanks to skilled programmers who noticed this behaviour and have published a data dump which proves that Apple is literally watching you do... everything. Apple has been collecting data on things such as every program you open on 11.0 Big Sur: Date, Time, Computer, ISP, City, State, Application Hash. Apple is sending this data unencrypted to their own servers, which is how they got caught when their own server crashed. Quotes My thoughts I think it was alw
  12. I'll issue a Challenge for your writers & sponsorship sales guys: Video which would essentially be neverending sponsor product placement from different sponsors and somehow actually form coherent content with it. Think like 15+ sponsors in one video and the content around them actually making sense. Nothing as easy as simple PC build. You could have some real fun with that video and make some meta-jokes about being sellouts and stuff. Just go absolutely crazy.
  13. The new "OnePlus Nord N100" With the pricetag of 179€ (about USD180) it would be super interesting to see how well does this latest addition to cheaper lineup by oneplus fare compared to midrange and flagship options. It's spec list certainly looks pretty promising! https://www.oneplus.com/pt/n100/specs
  14. Video where you'd read and react to some of the most funny and cringey messages from the "fans" who have tried to contact Linus / LTT / LTT staffers via various channels in general to beg for free PCs and stuff like that. " 50 ways how to not beg for free PC from Linus"
  15. Summary Researchers over at Cornell University accidentally created previously unknown type of superconductor. Our current knowledge before this was of 2 types, and theorized third kind which the scientists attempted to create. The experiment to create the third kind turned out to be failure, sort of. Instead of creating the theorized third (also new) kind of superconductor something unexpected happened and they discovered previously completely new 4th kind of superconductor. Quotes My thoughts I'm excited about any new discoveries like this, as they advan
  16. How about looking into the new Pine phone? https://www.pine64.org/2020/07/15/july-updatepmos-ce-pre-orders-and-new-pinephone-version/ https://www.pine64.org/
  17. Request some manufacturer to send you couple hundred boxes for top end GPUs (unassembled ofc) and casually "expose" yourself to have Pallet full of 3080s or something in the warehouse as joke as part of some other gpu-related video. Upcoming reviews of 30X series perhaps? Or.. just build a fort out of them and use it as intro for the video
  18. Make a Heavy metal music video with other tech youtubers.
  19. Couldn't find it myself when I was looking if there was post on this as it's so lazily written to bump postcount. I dont believe the other post meets the guidelines of tech news posts at all. Moderators will make decision probably in the end.
  20. Many of us are familiar with Mediatek as a name, as their chips are used everywhere from PCs to mobile devices. Cheating in performance tests is nothing new to us, but now it seems that even the part providers for the device manufacturers have joined the army of cheaters and are actively helping their customers (device manufacturers) cheat their customers (consumers like us) (say that 10 times!) Unfortunately in this latest expose Mediatek has been caught providing profiles to help cheat in performance tests for the chips they manufacture for their customers. In the
  21. Make a video where Linus Media Group registers its own Top Level Domain and starts selling the domains on lttstore.com. Now, I know the $185 000 fee for registering new TLD is a lot.. But I'm sure you have sponsors with deep enough pockets for such an endeavour. As to what the TLD should be.. I'm sure you could make content out of choosing one you register too!
  22. Kaleido: a portable computer the size of LTT waterbottle with inbuilt projector. https://liliputing.com/2020/02/kaleido-is-a-screenless-portable-pc-with-a-foldable-keyboard-and-integrated-projector.html
  23. Unfortunately I will be happy to show you the proof otherwise. f This is from my gmail from 2016 when I noticed it from another email and sent test email to myself. This is when avast started doing it via the browser protection they had. This is what made me stop use avast all those years ago immediately.
  24. How about looking into the new chinese X86 KaiXian processors which have now come to the markets made by a chinese company called Zhaoxin. They have already previously released some lower end processors for consumers too, but now there's some more serious ones available: KX-U6780A and the KX-U6880A