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    Dandapani got a reaction from wkdpaul in What causes PSU external cable (PSU to power socket) to explode ?   
    I don't think there is any noise coming out of the cabinet apart from the fan noises and hard disk noise. I have used the new cable for around 2 days now, didn't notice anything new. Hopefully the issue is resolved.
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    Dandapani got a reaction from BiG StroOnZ in What song are you listening to right now.   
    Danheim - Yggdrasil
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    Dandapani got a reaction from Lemtea in Does the NZXT 510i case include a fan splitter that supports fans with 4 pins and 3 pins?   
    Just got the H500i
    I have connected the 2 external fans to the splitter available in the case, also the heat has dropped drastically, case looks clean and cables are managed easily.
    Love the new case, thank you guys for the help..
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    Dandapani got a reaction from Thatgod123 in What are y'all upgrading this holiday season?   
    Just upgraded from GTX 1060 3gb to RTX 2060 super 8gb.
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    Dandapani got a reaction from soldier_ph in What game have you spent the most time in?   
    Assassins Creed Odyssey
    >500 hrs of gameplay 
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    Dandapani reacted to Rekx in Show off your latest purchase!   
    Last time i bought anything:
    Just ordered pizzza with a cola and a fanta from just-eat.dk
    Last time i bought some hardware:
    Fractal Design R4 from dustin-home.dk
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    Dandapani got a reaction from minibois in Hot wheels collectors around ?   
    Any casual collector?