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  1. Anyone have this card? Planning on getting one. How are temps compared to other aib like asus msi gigabyte. This is my first time purchasing a card from zotac.
  2. my current monitor is an asus 1440p 175hz display g sync compatible. I play mmo games and triple games. like the coming cyberpunk
  3. Hi all my current cpu is the ryzen 5 3600 with b450 mobo. Im planning to upgrade my gpu to an rtx 3080. My question is should I just upgrade to 3070 and buy an 5600x ryzen? my current gpu is amd rx 570 4gb
  4. Is the Issue fix? Im planning to buy an rtx 3080
  5. My case is te Lianli o11 dynamic xl. Im just wondering if this vertical gpu mount kit from cooler master would fit on my case without modding. https://www.amazon.co.uk/Cooler-Master-Vertical-Graphics-Holder/dp/B071P862G1
  6. Hi, So I'm planning to buy this monitor 27UK850-W. I will be using it a lot for programming and some pc gaming and console gaming(ps4 pro). My question is 27 inches good enough for 4k? Ill be seating around 2-3 feet away from the monitor. IS there any better monitor like this one on the same price?
  7. There is one a rm 750x. But I think 650 is enough for my build.
  8. Is the corsair Rmi 650 watt psu a good buy? Im using ryzen 5 3600 with aio and a msi rtx 2070 super gaming x trio. Does it come with 2 separate 8 pin? Here is the link here
  9. raven123

    New Monitor

    Hi guys planning to upgrade my current monitor which is a 1080p 60hz to 1440p 144hz. Plan on buying the aorus ad27qd. Are there any other alternatives better than the aorus?
  10. What board are you using? Im using the msi b450 pro carbon ac. and I can boot just fine. My only problem is the spiking voltage and temp. Also my bios is the gse lite. Where Can I see the cpu temp in that?
  11. Yeah but using power saving really hits performance. What I do is switch to power saving when browsing and then go balance plan when doing heav stuff like gaming
  12. I dont mid as long as it will keep my cpu cool. Ill go with the NH-D15. Thanks for your help. cheers
  13. That thing is wthin my budget range which is Php 5000 to $100. Im considering this one https://dynaquestpc.com/collections/cooling-solutions/products/noctua-nh-d15-se-am4-d-type-dual-fan. Any thoughts? Then Buy some corsair fans for extra cooling.
  14. Yeah read about that too. Sometimes my core speed will just bump to 4.1ghz at 1.4v while idle and temp will rise to 65 then will go down. What cooler Can you suggest? I have a budget of $100 to $150. Im from the Philippines
  15. Yeah but on my previous cpu which is ryzen 1600. My temps are just 60 C while gaming. Is it maybe because there is a bump on speed? My case is coolermaster h500p mesh with stock fans. my budget is around $150. shopping I go to newegg or some local store. Anyway ambient temp in my area is 30C. is air cooler good for that or should I go Aio. thx This is currently available at my local store CM MasterAir MA620P TUF Edition. Is it a good one? In considering this one also. Msi frozr xl. heard good reviews on amazon. and It will match my all msi build