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  1. i have only this drive. So i can install like this?
  2. i could but i wanna use exfat because i transfer 100gb-ish video files and i cant use fat32
  3. I made a windows 10 install pendrive formated in exfat And because of exfat i get an error message when i boot from it that says secure boot violation. after i hit ok the install starts normally. is it safe to install like this? i use the media creation tool iso so there shouldn't be any malware in the iso.
  4. Hi everyone so i have a razer kraken ultimate and i love the thx spatial audio and i have an 65 inch lg gx oled tv with dolby vision iq and atmos and i want to if it's possible i don't have an atmos setup because i want to use my headphone for audio when watching movies. my headphone thx mode is only working on pc so i want to get my tv-s sound to my pc and to my usb razer kraken ultimate with out audio quality loss possible first i wanted to connect the pc to tv with hdmi and play the movies on the pc but i cant watch dolby vision content this way only hdr 10 the tv itself can play it wit
  5. Hi so i have 2 monitors an lg 27EA63 and an Acer nitro vg270bmiix. i have a evga 980 and i dont have 2 hdmis so i was wondering that i use my acer with hdmi and the other one with dvi/vga cable should i buy a displayport to hdmi or stick with the current solution?
  6. Hi everyone! So have gaming peripherals (listed exactly below) and they do not have enough cable length for my setup so i'm looking to buy a usb hub so i can connect everything properly. I searched for a few and the Tp-Link UH720 cought my eyes and i am wondering if this will be enough data speed so i don't get latency on my mouse and keyboard. Peripherals: - Razer Blackwidow chrome (both usb connected to the hub and the port on the keyboard has a pqi fingerprint scanner) - Razer Mamba elite - Razer Goliathus chroma - Razer seiren elite
  7. But thats not addressable. its just 1 color all the way
  8. Hi! So i have a 180 cm long desk and i want an addressable led strip that can be controlled and synced with Razer synapse Razer has its own but that is just 50 cm long/strip and max 4/controller Thatch 2m but i don't think its a good idea to use that on my desk. Is there any other options for this kind of use? It's important to be addressable and can be controlled with Razer synapse!
  9. ShroniX


    HI So i have a pendrive with 2 partitions and if i connect it it show normally like an hdd or sdd. The question is there is a way to show this 2 partition like if i connect an android device (it shows the phone and if i open it that there is a internal and external storage separately. I wonder if i can do this with my pendrive too.
  10. Hi So i looking for buying a Acer Predator XB271HU and i cant run all of the games with gtx980 in 1440 and if i change the resolution only in game to 1080p that is going to look like shit or i will be good enough? i want ips 144hz and g-sync with 27inch or bigger size. but i cant find one like this on 1080p only in 1440p and 4k Config: Windows : Windows 10 Pro x64MotherBoard : Asus Maximus VII RangerCPU : Intel Core I7 4770K 4.4 GhzGPU : EVGA GeForce GTX 980 SC ACX 2.0 OCSSD : Samsung 840 EVO 250GBHDD : Western Digital Green 2TB + HGST 1TBRam : 2x Hyperx Fury Blue 4GB + 2x Hyper
  11. Hi So i From Hungary and i have a Telekom subscription wich is have internet(1000mb),iptv and a landline phone but this is not the point. My problem is i have a Huawei HG8245H and a Dlink dir 842. And i need to use static route to use devices in both network. On the Dlink i did that but if i connect to the Huawei's network i cant reach the devices on the Dlink's network so i need to do a static route on the huawei too and i looked up the internet and on the router setting there is a route category and i have no such thing. I really need to do this somebody know how to enable this fe
  12. HI Is there any way to enable the fingerprint gestures on p20 lite i saw on the p20 and on the p20 pro. I now there are third party apps but they are not working properly and i wonder if i can use the build in.
  13. Hi I recently bought a Corsair Survivor Stealth 64gb and the question is how can i make 2 partition on it if i want to use one for bootable windows install and one for data storage? It is possible or i just have to dream of things like this?