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  1. Okay Ive tested your theory ricardo and I must admit it is my chair. I have a very high end Steelcase Leap v2. ive switched to my old costco chair and no blink. Theres no way im getting rid of my chair. Im not sure new cables will do anything. I thinking how to ground my chair. I tired removing my plastic easy glide mat, thats there to save my hardwood floors but still blinks. Maybe an anti static mat may be my next purchase. Also I know everyone says its linked to humidity and I do notice it blinks more in winter when its the most dry. maybe a humidifier is needed.
  2. also i may get the quick flicker when i stand up but then i;ll get a second flicker sometimes when i sit down in my couch located right behind my computer chair
  3. Im a XB271HU owner as well. I have all the same problems and i have had my monitor ran through UPS. cyber power 1325va. i dont think it is a grounding issue. We need answers from acer this is a scary problem