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  1. Whenever I power My Computer on only The HDD led would light The Power Led would only Light for 7-10Secs then the computer would only stay in That State
  2. Guys I found out that the USB was Fried due to an earlier accident when my computer shorted
  3. I Updated them, I left it for a while & it happened again
  4. Okay I Tried to use it on the USB 3.0 & it did the same thing, the USB 2.0 on the other hand is where the Adapter Used to be Attached so it's kinda out of the list now
  5. I'm Trying to use it on a USB 3.0 atm Checking if it Disconnects, the Problem is, it's at the back of my computer & Have the crapiest signal at the back of it
  6. It's Exactly what it is an "802.11n USB Wireless LAN Card"
  7. I'm using a 802.11n USB Wireless LAN Card for my computer & it keeps Randomly reconnecting, Disconnecting, & Then Reconnecting I didn't have this problem & it just Started Today. I'm on Windows 10 64bit & Using Asus H81M-D Mottherboard I5-4460 2x8GB of DDR3 Ram from Kingston GTX 1060 GB My Bios is American Megatrends, V.2203
  8. Yeah I tucked it by the Side with some Zip Ties & I inspected the Wire a bit & I don’t seem to find anything bad & yes it does Work like nothing happened. Thx
  9. So I was Playing my Games, then My computer Randomly Shut down, & then Again after I went back to check something, & then again When I was about to open a browser for help. I opened my Computer Because I was sure it was a hardware Problem, & it was. I saw somemarks On my Heatsink because the CPU power Cable was Sticking to it. I moved the Cable Away & it was now fine. My question is, Do I have to get my PSU Checked? Because the Wires Are Probably Melted or something & will Probably Kill my Computer sooner or later