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  1. Did a bit more searching last night and I'm leaning towards trying out a aquaero 6 lt as it seems it would eliminate my problem since its a standalone controller with decent software. So just getting my list together. Still interested if any others have feedback on favorite motherboard brands based on bios/uefi and the software associated with them
  2. Added some additional fans on the thick top rad to have push pull. Serves no real tangible difference. Just wanted to fill the space.
  3. I have a entho lux 2 with a large water cooling loop. 2 480mm rad and 2 360mm rads with a total of 18 pwm ek vardar fans and 2 d5 pumps. Currently have a asus formula x crosshair 8700k and have not had the greatest luck with aisuite or simply controlling the fans via the bios. I've been using speedfan as it is the only way I can keep the fan speed from pulsing constantly. But speedfan hasn't been updated in forever so not all the controls work like they should. Tried using some pwm splitters that ran off sata power and just used one pwm port but aisuite wouldn't control it. I am within the lis
  4. Also added a 2nd pump a while back so here's an update photo.
  5. Thanks for checking it out. I've looked at getting a 9900k or the ks when it was available. Decided I would just wait until the next round of cpus are released and see how they stack up against the current ryzen lineup and go from there. Don't really want to put a 9900 in this motherboard as I've heard conflicting reviews about overclocking capabilities. Normally at idle it runs around 30-35C and in game never really gets over 45-50C.
  6. That is correct. There is just enough room for the SE in the bottom. Even if you had it lifted it would still hit the power supply cover area on the other side. It's surprising how much wider the pe and xe rads are compared to the se
  7. Thanks! Wasn't sure if it should be it's own build log or not as I was mostly just trying to let folks know about the limitations I ran into. Guess I can use this to keep some updates going though.
  8. And a few more. Will update again in a few days as I get the new pump setup installed.
  9. I got a hold of a luxe 2 and stuffed a lot of water cooling components in it and wanted to share my experience since there are some key dimensions missing on the specs page as far as radiator fitment when maxing out what you can fit. My build includes: asus rog formula maximus X with an 8700k. EVGA 2080ti xc2. 1 m.2 nvme drive, 2 1tb sata drives. 2 480mm SE ek radiators, 1 360mm XE ek Rad, & 1 360mm SE ek Rad. 14 ek vardar 120mm fans, 1 notcua chromax nf-f12 for rear exhaust (just because it fits), Ek d5 pwm pump (have a dual holder and another pump on the way because the flow
  10. I got one, Had it about a week and a half now. US Newegg had them in stock 3 times over the last 2 weeks (i had signed up for the notifications so I could jump on ordering one) I too was really hoping to get more info from Jayz build but got too impatient. Everytime newegg got them in, they sold out pretty quick so I actually ordered it on backorder when that link was available and it shipped about 2 days later. Also, I had emailed phateks support directly and they were able to give me dates that the case would be available on their website. coincided with newegg stock... Not sure how this tra
  11. Had similar problems a year or 2 ago and ended up being a bad ram stick. Ran the memtest off a flash drive and it found the errors, shared that info with the ram manufacture (corsair) and they sent me a new set. No more freezes or reboots since.
  12. For a single 360mm radiator I'd say you're doing pretty good. I have 3 360mm radiators in the same case and with my fans at about 500rpm I get similar temps. Though I have a 8700k and a 2080ti. If I crank the fans up the temps get lower but my reasoning behind having the extra rads was to keep the speeds/noise down. Typically run them around 900rpm when playing games and cpu hits about 60C and gpu around 50C. Have redone my loop 3 times in different cases/components and these temps have been about the same in every loop config I have had. typically 3 rads of various sizes. same d5 pum
  13. I definitely assumed that you had the block version. Now I understand your comment about the soft tubing. Thanks for the clarification.
  14. Well, I pulled the trigger on the EVGA xc2 ultra with the standard ek vector block. Decided not to fool with the potential fitment issues on the waterforce card. Hoping everything shows up before the weekend so I can do some tinkering
  15. Thanks for the suggestion. I still want to upgrade while my old cards have some value and I’m in a position to do so. I understand it’s an unnecessary upgrade but it’s a hobby and I enjoy the changes and building.
  16. Not at 165hz... even the 2080ti will struggle with that in most games. Relying on Gsync to pick up the slack.
  17. Yep. Sorry, spent so much time looking at things the last few days it’s easy to overlook some of the desires..haha.
  18. I was hoping to use 3 360mm rads so one would be in the bottom. Seems that the waterforce gigabyte card will fit horizontally and still fit. Currently have a thick 360 up top and a slim 360 on the side and a 120 on the front bottom. I have another 360 lying around from before I went sli. Want to have more rad space to keep noise down if possible.
  19. I don’t expect it to. Would have to go to a 9900k minimum.
  20. so it looks to just barely fit. Now I need to make sure I can fit my pump because of how long the card is.
  21. Got any photos of your loop? Seems this is the only custom pcb (over 1700mghz boost) card that will fit horizontal in the o11
  22. If I’m being completely honest... part of me is just trying to keep the possibility open to get a second card eventually... probably won’t happen. But that’s how the 1080 ti started... Seems there are height limitations on the vertical position in this case too. Definitely have to do a bit more research.
  23. Or I could suck it up and run a vertical mount with the hydro...
  24. Found a evga forum post that shows the ftw3 ultra hydro (comes with the block) does not fit. Just a couple of mm too tall unfortunately. Guess I’ll wait to hear back from ek to see if there block is any shorter and if not I may be going with the gigabyte waterforce since it fits.