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    Yep, we've got one.
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    Don't assume the gender of my board?
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    Pretty fast 2666MHz
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    850W Brick - Plenty of headroom for ray tracing graphics cards when they come out
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  1. I didn't say there was anything wrong with it at all, quite the opposite. But without fail people come along and recommend a different one, no matter what you've chosen. Eg. you have just said he could get away with an RM750X. Proves my point exactly. LOL
  2. latest games at 1080 / 60 you'll need a GTX 1070 or better or a GTX1660 or better. A 1650 will probably dip below 60FPS in some games. CPU wise the 3100 should do it but a 3300X (used) would be way better. Also look at used Ryzen 2600. The list below has everything except GPU (look for a used 1070, 1660, 1660 Super) and you'll need a wired xbox controller and a headset. PCPartPicker Part List Type Item Price CPU AMD Ryzen 3 3100 3.6 GHz Quad-Core Processor $160.00 @ Austin C
  3. I work in software (QA not dev) and most developers I know prefer to dev on mac because it's unix underneath and therefore supports more languages and tools natively and faster.
  4. That's a seriously sweet build but I guarantee people will think up BS reasons to recommend a different PSU. Personally I prefer to have one single storage drive but I understand why people buy multiple drives.
  5. Independent power for the switch is just better, think about it. If you are using power over HDMI then you are essentially asking your source device (laptop or rasp Pi) to supply the power for the switch. If you are giving the switch its own power the source devices are not tapped for any additional current and your resulting signal should be cleaner and more reliable. That adapter thingy should be fine but same as the switch, there's no harm in trying it, if it's no good then doesn't matter, it was cheap
  6. Hi. That's cool, getting a youngin into the pc gaming scene! LOL. I'm also in a similar situation right now and been doing research and such. Ryzen 3100 would be perfect as a starter CPU, I'd go with that. I'd go with the 1660 over the RX580 any day of the week however you could also consider a used GTX 1070. Keep it simple for kids. One hard drive is easier to get to grips with than two. Kids don't want to have to figure out which drive to install stuff on etc. I would go with a single 500GB SSD. 8GB to 16GB of 3200mhz CL16 RAM is perfect. Just
  7. I am in the uk too, when I click the link I get the standard ebay item not found page and I was too lazy to just search for the product using the info in the URL. I have done that now though. Is this it? The only thing is that the description says it's a 1080P switch, not 4K like the imaged suggest. The description also says it is powered by HDMI but the picture shows a USB power cable. Independently powered would be better than HDMI powered... bear that in mind
  8. can't see that listing but my experience of such things is the cheaper they are the more risk you'll not get great performance. Eg. with an HDMI splitter you might see perfect picture with one plugged in, maybe it's possible when you connect a 2nd or 3rd device you might get some signal issues. Read reviews and make your own decision but I would be fairly confident that you can't damage your devices with a cheap hdmi splitter
  9. I work in software, my usage is similar enough to your dad's. I use 3x screens every day, a lot of excel, frequent cad work, loads of web tabs in various browsers, a bunch of other apps running like anti virus, music streaming, MS Office programs even VMs and I would recommend that you go big on core count, big on RAM and at least 6GB vram. Everyone talks about "light cad" or "light video editing" but the last thing you want is having to suffer long loading times or processing times just to do some 'light' work. With that in mind here's a quick list I threw together. Th
  10. The only 3070 & core i9 benchmarks I've seen that get >200fps in warzone are on 1080P and Medium to low settings. A 3070 and i9 on 1080p Ultra settings will avg about 180FPS in warzone.
  11. What resolution do you want to play at, that makes a big difference to what you need to achieve 144 or 240 FPS
  12. I suppose if they were the same price it would be the 1660S but with the 1070 running anything from about £30 to £70 cheaper it could be the most sensible choice, especially if he's going to want an upgrade after a year or so. With that being said, if I wait and see if there are any 1660 Super or Ti deals on black friday that could be the best option
  13. lol magic man... funnily enough I did quite a bit of gameplay capture on my 2600X oc to 4.150 on all cores and simply using the Radeon ReLive capture software was able to capture 1080 gameplay in 4K encoding with little to no effect on in game performance.
  14. I'd say gaming and recording gameplay are the focus, not so much streaming. The gaming benchmarks I have seen seem to favor the 1070 for out and out FPS and my assumption was the extra 2GB of vram it has would also help with the gameplay recording too but perhaps the 1660S superioir encoding is worth more than that extra vram?
  15. which one would you go for, I'm leaning towards 1070 personally but not sure?