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  1. Seems to all be working now, not sure what the problem was. Thanks
  2. Hi im having a problem where I can use the WiFi ok and it works however I cannot connect using Ethernet cables. My PC says unidentified connection and my PS4 won’t connect. But can connect with just using normal WiFi. How is do I fix this ? Has something gone wrong in the ports or is there another problem? thanks
  3. Hi ive just recently upgraded to a 4k tv with Dolby vision and atmos and I was looking to get a new speaker set up I currently have a Samsung sound bar which I used for my old tv, I was just wondering if there are any cheap options around £400 or below would be nice , and which is the best way to go. Also will I notice a big difference? I only really have room for two speakers in my room. one last thing is buying a decent 4K player worth it with atmos? thanks for the help.
  4. thanks for the reply, was thinking about getting the witcher 3 in the sale but didn't know if it was still worth playing missed out on playing it on cosnole
  5. Hi im kind of new to pc gaming and looking for some good single player games, don’t really know what to buy on steam as there’s so many. Don’t mind if they’re open world or not. thanks
  6. Hi Im looking at buying a 2080 ti to pair with my 9700k and was looking at the black edition as its one od the cheapest ones i was just wondering is this card any good especially thermals ( no overclocking) and would it be ok in a s340 elite? thanks
  7. hi i just did a test on cmd and these were the results
  8. Hi I am using a wired connection from my pc to router and i have a ping between 10-20 however when it jumps up a bit i get stuttering like it jumps forward while playing online ( the only way i can describe it) i think this is jitter correct me if im wrong but this happens if the ping goes up slightly say from like 20-27. i was wondering how can i get this to stop?
  9. Thanks I got civ 6 fairly cheaply and kind of got addicted to it also bought warhammer 2 but haven’t played it yet will like at the Rome series
  10. Thanks for the replies will have a look at all of them
  11. Hi I upgraded my pc last month and was wondering which pc games i should try as i have been mostly playing console and have ony switched recently but still use my ps4 for other stuff. I have most of the aaa games but was wondering what else is there? I like games like planet coaster ans rts games most stuff really and if there are any inde games worth looking at. Thanks
  12. Hi Im looking into getting vr as ive never tries it before and would like to get a headset however im unsure about getting the rift s there seems to be quite a few mixed reviews and the quest seems to have better reviews than it or shall i wait and save some more money and get the vive ?My pc is capable of running it so im not concerned about that just wanted to know if the new rift is a good option for someone who hasn't tried vr before.
  13. Hi yes it does, i was just wondering if those numbers where normal as thats what it says under the Total DL ect as ive been having trouble with my ping recently ( going up to 1000 ect) so i was told to download that and see if windows was downloading or something else. Thanks
  14. Hi i have been having problems with my ping recently and i was told to download HWINFO to monitor the network. on the sensor status it says my current DL is 436 when im not doing anything and my minimum and maximum is around 434-439. these numbers don't really mean anything to me so i was wondering if these were normal or not? and also when i go to update drivers on say my gpu within HWINFO it just takes me to the softwares main website so im abit confused about that as well. Thanks for the help
  15. Thanks both for the help I’m kinda new to this stuff so will have a look around.