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    17030644 reacted to IIIIIIIIII in Seasonic gx 750 vs be quiet straight power 11 750.   
    SP11 is better unit.
  2. Agree
    17030644 reacted to doubleflower in Seasonic gx 750 vs be quiet straight power 11 750.   
    I'd go for the Straight Power 11, due to the Focus GX may have issues handling high transient power GPUs like nVidia's Ampere:
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    17030644 reacted to Levent in how to monitor VRM temps on A320M-K   
    Prime95 small FFTs should be the heaviest load out of them.
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    17030644 reacted to Kilrah in Rate my first build!   
    Please post only one thread.
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    17030644 reacted to DildorTheDecent in A320M-K ¿Which phases are Vcore and which are Vsoc?   
    According to the motherboard comparison sheet this appears to be the correct configuration.
    The CPU phases have 1 low-side and 1 high-side MOSFET while the SOC has 2 low-side and 2 high-side MOSFETs.

    The sheet: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1wmsTYK9Z3-jUX5LGRoFnsZYZiW1pfiDZnKCjaXyzd1o/edit#gid=2112472504
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    17030644 reacted to mariushm in A320M-K ¿Which phases are Vcore and which are Vsoc?   
    No, don't think so ...
    4 phases to the left for cpu, 2 on top for integrated graphics/soic ... the ram stuff is by the 24pin atx connector usually.
    You could also tell by the designation, the printed code on the pcb ... group for vrm is PQ1024, PQ1034, PQ1044 and so on ... PQ10xx basically.  The other group is PQ13xx.
    You could easily tell using a temperature sensor / infrared "gun" / whatever..
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    17030644 reacted to Levent in A320M-K ¿Which phases are Vcore and which are Vsoc?   
    Should be more like this. Might be different though. Most likely identical to this layout.

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    17030644 reacted to Spotty in Is this too much for my little 430 Watt PSU?   
    The only 430W power supplies I can think of are absolutely awful. EVGA W1 430W, Thermaltake Litepower 430W, Thermaltake Smart 430W. None of them I would recommend.
    Spending $83 on three 500GB HDDs is a pretty bad deal. You can buy a 2TB drive for $50.
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    17030644 reacted to Levent in Is this too much for my little 430 Watt PSU?   
    Depends on the quality of the power supply. That is cutting way too close for cheap power supplies imo.
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    17030644 reacted to WolframaticAlpha in Installing new drivers   
    Most probably, windows already installed drivers automagically. If you see something is not working well, go to the device manager and see if anything is listed as "Generic" or "basic". 
    In my opinion, you should do a full reinstall or upgrade your install. It won't have any problems.
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    17030644 reacted to davemc in Molex to 4 pin   
    I think you are confusing this with the gpu
    There is no 4 pin gpu and no 6 pin cpu. 
    CPU connectors are 4 pin or 4+4/8 pin
    GPU connectors are 6 pin or 6+2/8 pin
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    17030644 reacted to HairlessMonkeyBoy in Molex to 4 pin   
    There is no 4-pin power connector that can be plugged into a GPU. You seem to be confusing the 4-pin or 8-pin EPS connector which is for the CPU, and the 6-pin or 8-pin PCIe connector which is for the GPU. These are not equivalent, and cannot be used interchangeably.
    Generally speaking, if the PSU does not come with the connectors you need, then it is not suitable for your build.
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    17030644 reacted to --SID-- in 2 PSUs one PC   
    When a groupregulated unit is only used to power a gpu (that only uses 12v from the pci-e connector) it has a very bad voltageregulation. A psu with DC-DC is recommend.
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    17030644 reacted to Spotty in 2 PSUs one PC   
    Which PSUs are you using and what system are you powering? Why can't you power the system off one PSU?
    It's important to remember that two bad power supplies does not make a good power supply.
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    17030644 reacted to Haro in I have a question   
    First of all 
    Don't get a prebuilt , build your own PC
    There are plenty of content and recourses to help you.
    Second of all budget ?
    What are they priced at?
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    17030644 reacted to Oswin in PSU upgrade   
    i wouldn't want to keep the vs for the long run (especially if its the orange one), do you have a budget for the upgrade?
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    17030644 reacted to Haro in PSU upgrade   
    The orange label is shit. And potentially dangerous.
    Wattge is not a problem 
    Quality is. 
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    17030644 reacted to AbydosOne in How to choose a UPS?   
    OP is looking for UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply), not PSU (Power Supply Unit).
  19. Informative
    17030644 got a reaction from scubatke in Will GTX 1660 Super fit/work in my computer?   
    The pics don't show wether or not drive bays may prevent you from installing a large videocard. If that is the case look for a short single-fan card like this https://www.pny.com/PNY-GeForce-GTX-1660-SUPER-6GB-Single-Fan they are less than 200mm long so those should be compatible with pretty much every single full-lenght PCIe case on the market.
    I recently had to cut the drive bays to fit a GTX 970 gaming 4G (269mm) since the bays weren't removable 
    all the GTX 1660s's I have seen so far require an 8-pin connector so I think you should either, buy a 1650 super or get a new PSU
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    17030644 reacted to Semper in This is a fun one, need a 250$ portable(small) pc build for a relative.   

    ASRock's Deskmini series is going to be about the best thing I can figure for this. pair it with something like a 2200g
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    17030644 reacted to boggy77 in How find the year of make of a PSU?   
    you look for the part number
    CP-9020120-NA CP-9020120-UK
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    17030644 reacted to comicsansms in Do I Need A 1000W PSU?   
    Not really. It really depends on the unit, some are below 50, while others are closer to 90. Anyway, most of the time, you aren't going to use 375W of a 750W supply, so that logic falls away there.
    If you want a PSU with better efficiency; get a more efficient supply, not a higher wattage supply.
  23. Funny
    17030644 reacted to tarfeef101 in Do I Need A 1000W PSU?   
    One thing to note is most PSUs are most efficient around 50% load, so if you want to get a high-wattage PSU to be at peak efficiency, that something many consider "overkill" might still be worth it to you.

    If you overclocked both of your components and put them under heavy load, you could hit close to 400W (pretty intense scenario assuming some heavy overclocking, but possible). 

    So, if you think you'll often be under a heavy load, and want a really efficient system even if that means spending more than you need to, 750W is a reasonable choice. 

    But for most people that doesn't matter, and you'll save more by just getting a lower wattage PSU anyways. But I like to point out the possible reasons one might go for a high wattage PSU. Speaking of which, you could also get a higher wattage to leave room for a second GPU, or a future CPU upgrade, etc. 
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    17030644 reacted to Zando Bob in Do I Need A 1000W PSU?   
    ^^^ A 1080 Ti (overclocked) and 6c/12t Xeon overclocked at 1.4v or more barely pull over 550W under full load. A good 550W-650W PSU is usually fine for pretty much any CPU and single card setup unless you have a really, really power hungry CPU or GPU (with just the Xeon maxed out the system will pull 300-350W, then the 1080 Ti adds the extra 200W or so) and are pushing overclocks you'll be fine.
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    17030644 reacted to seon123 in Do I Need A 1000W PSU?   
    No, you do not need a 1000W PSU to power a 250W system.