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  1. CX 750W being better than straight power 11? I don't think so you are comparing budget-friendly from corsair against premium from be quiet!
  2. maybe b550 tuf? depends on budget for entire PC and ports/features you need
  3. and GPU will cause all sorts of issues as I am going to do it once I boot into windows thanks for the response
  4. If you don't mind ATX asus Z490-P can be had for 145£ and is more than enough for any 10th/11th gen CPU make sure you get ram that's at least 3200mhz CL16, and 3600mhz CL16 if you aim high framerates xpg core reactor is also a good psu, the 650w version is still enough and costs 60, if you really want 750w bitfenix formula costs 80 looking you want to run 1440p you could buy a cheaper cooler and still you wouldn't loose a lot of performance
  5. so that means taking the battery out and putting it back on right? sometimes? so other times it doesn't do anything? if possible, could you clarify this for me? thanks
  6. it means "if I remember correctly" check my message again, it wasn't completed
  7. iirc there are two types of gsync gsync ultimate that requires a special hardware module to work and is only supported by some monitors (expensive ones) regular gsync that works just like freesync and is technically compatible most monitors on the market chances are you want the latter, my recommendation is look for reviews and buy a monitor that's been tested and proved to work well with nvidia
  8. Country: mexico Games, programs or workloads that it will be used for: mostly gaming and basic tasks like web browsing, microsoft office, sometimes movie maker Other details I bought 2400G + 16GB 3200 MHz + A320M-K a few days ago and I want to OC the RAM and iGPU to increase gaming performance (I know cpu oc is locked and for now I don't mind) But my question is, when an overclock is not stable and pc doesn't post? how do I load defaults or enter BIOS? or does it always post but may not boot? Before you comment I'm too noob to OC, I HAVE DONE
  9. besides, the cpu temps, temp3-6 are also ramping up quickly, motherboard stays at 47c idk why cpu max temps at 66c bc on top the cpu temp it reported at 89c, I guess mobo sensor is terribly innacurate
  10. ok ty and like I said I just upgraded cpu + mobo + ram besides igpu drivers? what others should I install? any good practices while installing them?
  11. btw I just built this systems (upgraded mobo + cpu + ram) besides igpu drivers, what other drivers should I install?
  12. thank you, I don't know if I should try prime 95 or blender
  13. is the motherboard temp the VRM temp? specs: w10 pro 64-bit software: hwinfo
  14. what comparison sheet do you mean? wow that's very good bc I wanted to try igpu OCeing
  15. jon gerow (aka johnnyguru) for example, but I don't know if he's into VRMs or not
  16. That's exactly why I thought the first time I saw it, PQ10xx for CPU and PQ13xx for SOC
  17. but there is another phase for soc on the top right, wouldn't that ve for DDR?