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  1. At the age of 15, I held down a full time job while attending high school at the same time. I did not have time to sit on my ass playing Xbox all day. I would suggest that the parent in this story put their irresponsible kid to work and make 'em recoup monetary losses.
  2. I love the minimal, no-bullshit design of the 400Q. I hope the price point is competitive.
  3. 1500+ hours. I absolutely hate the archaic nature of the gameplay and the community is rubbish. I deleted the game back in October.
  4. It's $5... I'm not even sure if this post is supposed to be serious.
  5. Pencils that stick out of the iPad when charging and now this. Apple and its followers are tools. How embarrassing.
  6. There is nothing 'grey' about it. If you didn't purchase the music legally then it's illegal.
  7. It's perfectly functional and much faster than the previous iteration of Windows. Stop trolling.
  8. The racing games on PC are subpar at best. Nothing has yet to come close to Forza or Gran Turismo. Just calling it the way it is.
  9. I currently have 236 hours pumped into the game. I'm enjoying every bit of it.
  10. Crappy sale. GTA V isn't even on there.
  11. Never mind the fact that the vehicle's computer will register the time of automation prior to the event of the crash.