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  1. I wonder if steam is downloading a new copy of the game each time you play it and then some utility on your computer is scanning it for viruses or something.
  2. Sounds weird. Your computer is faster than mine and I play csgo at 144fps and never have issues like that. I wonder if the gpu is taking the power and the cpu is lowering the clock speed. Is it plugged in? Maybe software on there doing stuff. Fresh os install maybe?
  3. Yeah, but you gotta buy the cards for each end.
  4. 10gb fiber channel off of ebay is your best bet.
  5. Yeah, merch sucks. You don’t want to end up with $100,000 of unsellable stock that you have to pay to store and probably pay taxes on. Your first order is always a guesstimate. Then when you go to re-order it can take a long time. Especially if you were ordering from a good vendor, which it looks like these guys are. High-quality product is more expensive and takes longer. And that’s assuming that there’s no pandemic and that when you receive the second order it is the same quality as the first order. Either way, you have to wait. And, like the man said, you don’t really know when you’ll get t
  6. I’ve been in the same position with one of my businesses. Somebody gave me advice and they basically said go make $1 million and then you can help a lot more people then you can in your current situation. And, they were right. Now that the business is successful we can help more people. LTT is in the same position, the stronger their business is, the more resources they will have available to do the stuff with. The more money they have, the more cool shit they can buy and since they have a passion for it I think they will. We just saw a great server tech video a couple weeks ago.
  7. Not sure if this has been mentioned already, but let’s not forget about inflation. The US government has told us for years that there is little to no inflation, but fact check, they were lying. We have had a great deal of inflation from 10 years ago and even more from 20 years ago. $400 from 2010 does not equal $400 in 2020. So, yes, the price will keep increasing year to year as the US government waters down the value of the US dollar. Biden in office will definitely help too, as we will have more access to child and slave labor in China.
  8. Paint isn’t going to get you anywhere. It is probably some industrial coating (probably from a roll) chemically bonded or something. You’re not going to be able to buy it.
  9. My prime shipping takes like a week now. I used to get many items same day.
  10. I got mine but I haven’t “installed” it yet. Lol.
  11. They do it for fun. I doubt there are profits after you factor in their time.
  12. My brother and I talk about this all the time. Game makers go craxy with accurate gun sounds and incredible graphics but the story sucks and "fun" is kind of last on the list.
  13. Get her a mac mini and a big ass monitor. She'll be better off in the long run.
  14. Are they going to be stupid and just have an orange logo on them or will they have a cool design? They look awesome. Good work.
  15. All the numbers on here are high, especially the 100k average employee salary.