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  1. iirc no, they mostly just play games on it now since it already struggles with minecraft quite a bit
  2. Alright good to know, their system is 2 Xeon 5130s and a GT 520
  3. Im guessing a Xeon CPU from 2006 used the motherboard method given QPI came out in 2008
  4. Given its equivalent to a friends system thats over 10 years old for certain parts, yes it is Actually question: How does having dual CPUs scale performance wise?
  5. There was one with an A4-9120 that dad got for me a couple years ago (it was shit)
  6. And ima bring out this for all the demo talk
  7. Just watched the video, he said for the swamp section, overclocking the gpu was increased it by 3 to 5 fps. Overclocking CPU didnt really do anything. Transitioning was a luck of the draw with FPS, though he did say from his experience boosting the CPU did very little The RAM needs to be faster, which given the software he used didnt allow it, its possible that overclocking the ram isnt really gonna bring out good results. So we need better RAM, not a better chip surprisingly
  8. pokemon red with raytracing sounds like a not bad idea /s