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  1. Correction power supply is 750w corsair tx not 850
  2. Actually I was wrong its only 750w corsair tx750m
  3. If I'm lucky enough to get hold of a 3080 I was wondering if the rest of my pc would need upgrading or if its fine? I'm currently running Ryzen 7 3700x MSI tomahawk max b450 850w power supply Thanks in advance
  4. Thanks for the help you probably saved me £300 - 400
  5. I would probably save the money for 4k monitor in the future if the basic processor will do the job
  6. No i have asus rog swift 1440p at the moment, it has gsync so it will do for now
  7. Wow this is way under my budget ill definitely check it out thanks
  8. Im sure i can up my budget a bit to include the better cpu and psu thanks guys
  9. @DocSwag about £2000 not sure what that is in $
  10. I'm new to pc gaming and I'm looking to run current AAA titles at max settings, resolutions over 1080p at a steady 60fps and was looking for some advice. The build i have picked out is a Gamemax draco rgb case, i7-7700k (No overclocking), corsair cx750 power supply, coolmaster hyper 212 processor cooler, 16gb corsair vengeance ddr4 2400mhz ram, asus prime z270k motherboard, gtx 1080ti plus one 250gb ssd and a 2tb hdd. Would this get the results im looking for or is it not enough or even too much?