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  1. So i just found out that it isnt normal to overclock RAM by that much, but i wanted to ask why. Does it stop your pc from running or what, cause i got my team elite 2x4 2400mhz to run at 3200mhz oc without increasing timings or voltages (to my information). The pc runs normally and i dont really get any crashes. Does this decrease the longevity of my parts?
  2. I see that is a good point my guy, maybe ill just opt for Xe
  3. So im having this problem where whenever i fullscreen in a game or a video sent over discord my monitor starts blacking out. The pattern that i can find from this is whenever i go to a different menu like the settings o a different section of the games main menu thats when it happens. Ive had this problem before and i had to full reset my PC to remove it so now i know its something i downloaded, but the thing is ive permanently deleted all of the things ive downloadedd for the past 12 days and this issue has only come back a week ago. I've never gotten a solution to this problem other than
  4. Do you know what the laptop variant would be called or is there no information as of right now
  5. I would really hope so cause if not then AMD is in for one hell of a ride
  6. I wanted to know when ryzen 5000 mobile is releasing cause AMD has a proper challenger in the mobile market again. I saw the performance for the Xe graphics and i was wondering what the renoir graphics are gonna bring to the table. So is there any speculations or leaked info about when the mobile ryzen 5000 CPU's are releasing?
  7. I have actually, the prestige is great but the modern really isn't eye catching in my opinion which makes it really hard to even consider getting. If MSI could give it an amazing configuration for an amazing price though, is be willing to get it. Though I think I'm gonna style paying a price premium for the envy 13 with 16gb and a 4700u
  8. The title is actually a debate im also having. I would recommend the HP envy IF the 13 inch model had a config with 16GB of ram, but it doesnt. You would have to buy the 15 inch version as that has upgradable slots, and if you dont want a 15 inch then you need to opt for the ryzen 7 model which is a lot more expensive for not very much performance gain. I would get the Yoga Slim 7 with amd probably the 4800u since the extra cores, as well as the fact that it costs the same as the envy with 8gb with the ryzen 5 where i am
  9. I dont think you should go for something older. If you can find something with more than 4 cores with decent ram under 800 go for it, but i dont think youre going to find anything worth it if you go farther than a year or so, well compared to laptops nowadays at least. I think you could check out the flex 5 14 with the ryzen 7. I think it gets a bit hot but other than that its pretty worth the money. Maybe the touchscreen could also be of use
  10. Thx for the confirmation right to the point. I've asked this question multiple times cause I kept getting conflicting responses, but I think ill just go for it now before the chips go out of stock. Thx for the responses
  11. I have already discussed this question is a separate thread but it wasnt completely focused on that discussion so i wanna take the time to delve into it. In the previous thread i was talking about this a lot of people were saying that the 3300X is far superior to the 3500 and its almost on par with the 2600. So I started researching about these CPU's and all I found was that the 3500 was quite a bit better than the 2600 mainly because of the architecture. And when compared to the 3300X it was neck and neck only losing in the more single threaded games and workloads. It also seemed that the 3
  12. I was referring to the 3500 not the 3600
  13. I was checking out prices for CPU's in my area, and i realized that the 3300X is more expensive than the 3500 over here. The 3300X is $150 and the 3500 is $131. Is the 3300X worth the extra bit of money over the 3500, or is the 3500 way better than the 3300X. Also which one has better streaming performance
  14. That kinda stuff isnt always made exactly the same, i dont know the technicalities so i cant tell you why, but the best way to know is just trial and error and if you are trying to get the absolute best frequencies, its gonna take a while.
  15. Oh I hadnt checked the price lately on that one yet, i just associated it with the old price here which was extremely overpriced at $240 cause of how many people were buying it and the demand here was waay too high I think I might go for that board